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UPS Driver Heard a Cat and Realized an Unexpected Passenger was on His Truck, Making His Route Interesting

A UPS driver heard a meow from a cat. He realized an unexpected passenger had snuck into his truck, making his morning route interesting.

cat ups truckBuddy the catBarry

Barry, a UPS driver, had an interesting morning route last Friday when his work was interrupted by an unexpected passenger.

There were several inches of snow that day as Barry began his route in northern IL. “I pulled up to a customer’s house and entered the rear of my truck and started hearing a meow from a cat,” Barry shared with Love Meow.

He didn’t think much of it at the time until he heard the same meow again at the next stop.

cat ups driver truckThe cat had somehow snuck into a UPS truckBarry

Seeing animals or being greeted by pets is a daily occurrence in Barry’s work, many of whom he knows by name. “(I see) tons of animals on my route, lots of dogs and cats all day long. Usually, they run away once the truck starts up.”

When Barry heard the meow again, he paused to listen and realized a cat was in the truck. He looked around the cargo area and into every nook and cranny but couldn’t locate the cat while the meowing continued.

cat ups truckBarry

“I got down on my hands and knees on the ground and heard it louder from the rear wheels.” When he realized the cat was stuck inside the truck’s structure, thoughts began racing through his head as he tried to figure out how to free the cat.

He looked around for an entry point and found a removable service panel. “I borrowed a screwdriver from the customer’s house I was at and opened the service panel, and he popped out.”

stray cat ups truckThe cat jumped into the cargo area when Barry removed the service panelBarry

A friendly white and brown cat with curious eyes emerged from the abyss of the truck and strutted up to Barry with his tail held high. The cat had somehow wedged himself between the floor and the fuel tank and got himself in a pickle.

“I have no idea how long he was there, but he was soaked from road grime. He was a very nice cat, rubbing up on my legs and very happy to be out of the spot he was stuck in.”

stray cat ups truckHe was happy to be out of the place he was trapped inBarry

Wet, cold, and dirty, the cat had no intention of getting off the truck and stayed on board as if he were waiting to be assisted.

Even though Barry is allergic to cats, he wanted to help the little fella, nicknamed Buddy, and get him to a vet’s office. After exploring the inside of the truck and inspecting a few packages, the little feline passenger nestled atop a large box.

stray cat ups truckThe cat was wet and dirty from road grimeBarry

“He kept me company. Once we started down the road and started delivering again, he stayed right there on the box until we reached the vet’s office.”

As it turned out, Buddy required medical attention, and Barry got him the help he needed.

stray cat truck boxBuddy kept Barry company while sitting on a big boxBarry

“He was having a hard time breathing. He was later picked up by Friends Forever Humane Society in Freeport IL, and they have been caring for him,” Barry told Love Meow.

Barry went home that day feeling relieved, knowing Buddy was in good hands and on his road to recovery.

stray cat friendlyHe is now being cared for by Friends Forever Humane SocietyBarry

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