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Big Cats

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Cat Curls Up Between a Couple After 848 Days Wishing for a Home from the Time He was Just a Kitten

A cat curled up between a couple after he had waited 848 days for a home since he was just a kitten.Beckham the catSparkleCat...

Kittens Left in a Box Behind a House, One Wouldn’t Go Far Without the Other, Now Both Cats’ Wishes Come True

Two kittens are so close that one wouldn't go far without the other. Two months after they were found behind a house, their wishes...

Kitten with Cutest Side Eye Found Woman to Help Him When Others Couldn’t, Turned out to Be Most Joyful Cat

A kitten with the cutest side eye found a woman to help him when others couldn't. He turned out to be the most joyful...

Kittens Spotted Near a Barn without Cat Mother Now Have Warmth and Comfort Away from the Cold

Kittens spotted near a barn without a cat mother now have warmth and comfort away from the cold.Piruli and GalopinCOMRescueMontrealMembers of the public found...

Cat Comes Upon Neighbor She Can Trust, a Little While Later There are Kittens Outside Her House

A cat came upon a neighbor she could trust. A little while later, there were kittens outside her house.Jen WoodEarlier this year, a feral...