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Big Cats

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Family Heard Screaming and Saw Kitten on Other Side of the Fence, That Night Her Luck Finally Turned Around

A family heard screaming and saw a kitten on the other side of the fence. That night, her luck finally turned around.Felicia the kittenAlyssaNine...

Cat and Her Solo Kitten Open Their Hearts to a Lost Kitty and Form Perfectly Blended Family

A cat and her solo kitten opened their hearts to a lost kitty, and they formed a perfectly blended family.Peach, Clem, and PersiAngelaA tiny...

Tom Cat Enters Trailer Home After Years of Roaming the Outdoors, His Life is About to Get a Whole Lot Better

A tomcat entered a trailer home after years of roaming the outdoors. His life was about to get a whole lot better.PatoffoChatonsOrphelinsMontrealA kind-hearted woman...

Kitten Incredibly Small Compared to Her Littermates Has the Heart of Big Cat and Won’t Let Anything Stop Her

A kitten who is incredible small compared to her littermates has the heart of a big cat and won't let anything stop her.LucyJamieWhen Lucy,...

Man Has Never Been Cat Guy But Has His Heart Stolen by ‘Grumpy Looking’ Cat with Big Cheeks and Droopy Eyes

A man never considered himself a cat guy but had his heart stolen by a "grumpy looking" cat with big cheeks and droopy eyes.Bob...