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Cat Left at a Walmart Seeks Help from Mechanics Nearby, Shortly After Being Found She Has Kittens

A cat left at a Walmart sought help from mechanics nearby. Shortly after being found, she had kittens in a house.

cute cat snuggles kittenBonnet and one of her kittensFosterBabyCats

A brown tabby was found outside a Walmart, heavily pregnant. She was reportedly abandoned and in desperate need of rescue.

A few mechanics in the auto department noticed the friendly feline and provided a safe place for her at the shop. “They bought her a couple cans of soft food and a little bowl for water. They kept her safe as much as they could,” Jillian of FosterBabyCats (a cat rescue) shared with Love Meow.

A severe storm was expected to hit the area. Since the mechanics couldn’t keep the cat inside overnight, a Good Samaritan contacted FosterBabyCats, and Jillian leaped into action.

tabby cat rescuedShe was found outside a Walmart and taken in by a few mechanics before being rescuedFosterBabyCats

“When I came to help her, they gave me all the supplies they had gathered for her. It was the sweetest, most genuine thing.”

Jillian and her neighbor, Jaime, coordinated the rescue and brought the cat to safety an hour before the storm started. The young cat named Bonnet was still a kitten, estimated to be 7-8 months old.

hungry happy tabby catFosterBabyCats

Bonnet quickly made herself comfortable in her new space. At the sight of food, she lunged head first into her bowl and devoured every morsel. “Absolutely starving, she inhaled her food the first night she was safe.”

Bonnet lay beside Jillian, melting into her hand and purring up a storm as if to thank her for letting her in her home. “She is the sweetest, most trusting little girl.”

cat nursing newborn kittensBonnet gave birth two days after she was rescuedFosterBabyCats

Two days later, Jillian walked into the foster room to quite a surprise. Bonnet had brought three little kittens (two orange and one tabby) into the world overnight.

“She had blankets, beds, boxes, and hideaways. She decided to nest them in a corner on the floor.”

cat nursing newborn kittensFosterBabyCats

Jillian slowly transitioned the mama into a more comfortable nest. Bonnet was pleased with the accommodations, rubbing her face against the soft fabric of the bedding and rumbling nonstop.

“She’s just the happiest little camper.”

cat snuggling kittenFosterBabyCats

The kittens (Axel, Spark, Sprocket) came with big appetites and even bigger attitudes.

At a few days old, the trio was brimming with sass. As their sense of smell developed, they uttered the tiniest hisses at unfamiliar scents as an instinct to defend themselves.

kitten cute hissingAxel has lots of cattitudeFosterBabyCats

They were just pint-sized but acted as though they were ferocious lions. “These little nuggets have so much personality.”

Bonnet dedicates her time and energy to her precious three, keeping them fed and clean and tending to their every whim. She rarely leaves their side and constantly fills the room with her soothing purr.

cat mom nursing kittensBonnet is a wonderful motherFosterBabyCats

If one of the kittens makes a squeak, she rushes over and offers gentle head nudges and cuddles. “She is doing a fantastic job as a mother.”

While Bonnet keeps a watchful eye on her babies, Jillian ensures the mama has everything she needs.

cat mother snuggling kittenFosterBabyCats

With their eyes open, the kittens are getting increasingly active, wiggling and shuffling around the nest and keeping their mom on her toes.

ginger kitten snuggling catFosterBabyCats

Through the kindness of many people, Bonnet is raising her last litter in a comfortable, loving home. She can rest easy, knowing her future is bright and secure.

cat cuddles kittensFosterBabyCats

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