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Three Blind Cats Come to a Home Seeking Help, Family Brings Them in and Realizes One of Them is Pregnant

Three blind cats came to a home seeking help. The family brought them in and realized one of the cats was pregnant.

blind cat mom nursing kittensRed SonjaJen

A family found three blind cats (one girl and two boys) at their property, scrounging around for food and shelter.

They worried the cats couldn’t fend for themselves outside, so they brought them in and gave them food and water. As they scheduled to get them fixed, they discovered that the female cat was pregnant.

They contacted their local animal rescue, City Kitties DC, hoping to place the young mom in the capable hands of a foster family.

blind cat sweetJen

Jen and Ian, who are experienced in caring for blind cats, welcomed the mama into their home. They set up a comfortable nursery with all the amenities in preparation for the birth.

When they least expected it (as there was no sign of labor just moments ago), Jen heard the sound of kittens crying in the foster room.

tiny newborn kittenMama needed help with this brown tabby when he was bornJen

The mom had given birth to a litter of four, and three survived. Jen came into the room just in time to help a baby who was cold and weak. After drying and warming the little one, Mama began to care for him.

The cat, Red Sonja named after a brave and mighty fictional warrior, cradled her precious three after a long day of nursing and cleaning.

blind cat cuddles kittensJen

Her blindness seems to be hereditary as she was born without eyes, and Jen believed some of the babies could also be blind. “We won’t know until they are around 2-3 weeks old. Sighted or not, we absolutely love them all,” Jen shared.

One of the male blind cats needed a lot of socialization and was taken in by another foster family experienced with blind cats. The rescue also offered to assist the family (who found the cats) with the remaining blind cat.

blind cat newborn kittensJen

Red Sonja is doing an outstanding job catering to her kittens’ needs. The three, Sheena, Dread Pirate Roberts, and Falkor, are wiggly and active, making steady gains every day.

Dread Pirate Roberts, the brown tabby who barely made it out of his first hour, has caught up in weight with his siblings. His sister, Sheena, is the biggest and loudest of the bunch.

blind cat kittensJen

“She’s currently the leader of the pack and was the first one to open her eyes. She’s ready to explore and take over the world, but she hasn’t quite figured out her little limbs yet.”

Falkor, the sweet and gentle ginger boy, likely has the same condition as Mama. “He doesn’t have normal eyeballs behind his eyelids. His ocular area is sunken in.”

blind cat kittens snugglesThe ginger kitten is likely going to be blind like MamaJen

“He’s a lucky little boy, and we can tell he’s going to have a sweet disposition, just like his namesake.”

Red Sonja likes to stay in her nest whenever Jen comes in. She craves attention and head scratches and allows her foster mom to weigh her babies.

sweet blind cat kittensJen

“I keep speaking to her so she knows where I am. I don’t want to catch her by surprise.”

Red Sonja has mapped out the foster room and navigates it like a pro. Whenever she needs a break to refuel or use the litter box, she hops out of the “den” effortlessly.

blind cat playingShe loves to play with toys and can navigate the place without troubleJen

Jen has seen Mama run around and play with toys through the foster room camera. Despite her blindness, Red Sonja can do anything like a sighted cat.

blind cat kittensJen

The beautiful family of four is thriving in foster care. Red Sonja will never have to spend another day outside, and her kittens will only know the comfort and warmth of indoor life.

blind cat sleeping kittensJen

Share this story with your friends. More on the feline family and Jen and Ian’s fosters on Instagram and City Kitties DC on Instagram.

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