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Stray Cat Entered House One Night, Decided to Have Kittens There After a Year of Getting Help from Resident

A stray cat entered a house one night and decided to have kittens there after a year of getting help from the resident.

cute cat nursing kittensTrixieCommunityCatClub

A resident from South Jersey came across a lone community cat, scrounging around for food. They began feeding her, and she returned regularly but kept her distance.

After about a year of feeding and trying to befriend the elusive cat, they noticed she had grown a round belly and suspected she was pregnant. They hadn’t had any luck getting the cat, so they contacted their local rescue, Community Cat Club, for assistance.

Rescue volunteers set up a humane trap in the area, but the clever cat repeatedly evaded it, making her capture a challenge.

cat nursing newborn kittensA resident had been feeding Trixie for about a yearCommunityCatClub

While the cat continued to avoid being rescued, the resident made sure she had plenty of food and clean water daily.

Then, one night, the cat showed up at the resident’s house and sauntered through the door as if she owned the place. She sought out a cozy spot to lie down, and before anyone realized what was happening, she went into labor.

cat nursing kittensTrixie walked into the resident’s house one night and decided to have kittens thereCommunityCatClub

“She ended up giving birth that night and having four babies,” Sara Sharp, the founder of Community Cat Club, shared with Love Meow.

When the mama cat was finished, a volunteer went to pick up the feline family of five and transported them to their foster home. “Trixie (the mama) was nervous with us and still is a little, but that’s understandable as she’s nursing her babies.”

cat nursing kittens carrierCommunityCatClub

Trixie stayed in the carrier with her precious four until she felt comfortable moving into the large nursery set up for her. She was content with the new space, soft bed, and food service.

For the first two weeks, she rarely left her kittens’ side, feeding and cleaning them around the clock.

cute kittens snugglyCommunityCatClub

At two weeks old, the kittens’ eyes opened, and they began attempting their escape out of the nest. Trixie came running at their first squeak and hovered over them when they started to learn to walk.

After a flurry of wobbly activity, the kittens lined up against their mom’s belly, nursing and kneading away.

cat nursing kittens cuteCommunityCatClub

They snuggled up in a cuddle puddle with their mom, cradled in her love.

As the kittens grew bigger, their curiosity soared, and their personalities emerged. They worked their legs and honed their balance, trying to explore the world around them.

cute kittens eyesCommunityCatClub

Trixie watched as her kittens took their first steps outside the nest, and she made sure they wouldn’t wander off too far.

She showed them the ropes, taught them how to wrestle, and let them clamber all over her like a jungle gym. The kittens became braver and more playful each day.

sweet cat mom kittensTrixie has warmed up to her foster familyCommunityCatClub

Now, Trixie spends most of her day watching her little mini-mes zooming around the room, scaling everything they can, and pouncing on her tail with unbridled energy.

“This little family is doing so well in foster care. Babies are four weeks old now and are growing so fast.”

cat kittens mini mesTrixie and her four little mini-mesCommunityCatClub

When the kittens are weaned and independent, Trixie will retire from motherhood, focus on her needs, and find a place of her own.

But for now, her day is filled with playful kitten antics, snuggles, and purrs.

playful kitten on catThe kittens climb all over their mom like a jungle gymCommunityCatClub

After one year of trying to help Trixie, the resident is delighted to see the cat indoors and thriving with her kittens.

cat mom playful kittensCommunityCatClub

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