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Shy Cats Depend on Each Other Their Whole Lives Meet Person Who Comes Back to Shelter Just for Them

Two shy cats depended on each other their whole lives. They met a person who came back to the shelter just for them.

cat brothers best friendsGilly and WillyExploitsValleySPCA

After rescuing three bobtail kittens outside a building last summer, Exploits Valley SPCA returned to the location to find the rest of the litter. “We’ve always known there were more out there,” the SPCA shared.

About two months ago, the remaining cats were brought to safety. Among them, two timid brothers, Willy (orange) and Gilligan or Gilly (tabby), were joined at the hip, clinging to each other for comfort.

“Although they were nervous of humans, they were happy to be out of the cold weather, cozied up in warm blankets with their bellies full.”

bonded cat brothers shelterExploitsValleySPCA

Over the next few days, Willy, the braver of the two, warmed up to the staff and volunteers and sought affection. His brother Gilly hid away in his shadow and avoided eye contact with people for another week.

Willy showered Gilly with snuggles and purrs, constantly reassuring him that he was safe. “He takes care of his shy brother Gilligan, who would not survive without him.”

cats bonded pairThe two brothers depended on each other from the beginningExploitsValleySPCA

While clinging to Willy for safety, Gilly quietly watched him as he interacted with visitors. Slowly, Gilly came out of his shell.

He found the courage to accept chin scratches with his brother leaning against him, cheering him on. The fear in his eyes melted away, and he felt much more relaxed around people.

cats bonded snugglesExploitsValleySPCA

“Willy is a lot more outgoing than Gilly, but Gilly secretly loves attention and belly rubs.”

For many weeks, the shelter didn’t receive a single adoption application for the brothers, as shy cats are often overlooked. Despite the setback, the staff continued sharing their story and highlighting their unbreakable bond, hoping the right family would come along.

cats snugglesWilly warmed up to the staff while Gilly hid in his shadowExploitsValleySPCA

Around that time, Ada stumbled upon a post about the bonded pair and instantly felt drawn to them.

She lost her beloved cat, Raven, on Christmas Eve, and the house had been too empty since. “Something was missing. I knew I had to search for the right cat,” Ada shared.

cats snuggles sweetWilly reassured Gilly that he was safeExploitsValleySPCA

While at the shelter looking for the perfect feline companion, she had a meet-and-greet with Willy and Gilly. She was in awe of how much the brothers depended on each other.

“The orange one was so outgoing, but the tabby was not so much and seemed to look to the other for safety. Who knows what they have gone through to survive.”

cats adopted togetherThe two brothers were adopted togetherExploitsValleySPCA

Ada started out looking for just one cat but couldn’t stop thinking about the two. She returned to the shelter for another visit and knew right then that they were the perfect pair for her.

“There was obviously a deep bond between them, and to separate them would be all wrong.”

cats forever homeThey are coming around, loving all the attention, and playing with toysExploitsValleySPCA

Gilly (now Kish) and Willy (now Copper) adore their new home and follow one another to the ends of the earth, always side by side. They mirror each other’s movements and moods as if they share a brain.

“They are slowly coming around and loving all the attention, playing with their cat toys, getting lots of treats.”

cats best friends lapThey like to cuddle with their mom on the couchExploitsValleySPCA

“It was clear from the beginning that these brothers depended on each other. Seeing them in their new home solidifies that,” the SPCA said.

“Ada came to the shelter for many visits and poured over the page before choosing these two. Now that they’re home, she knows, without a doubt, she made the right decision.”

cats sleeping best friendsLife is good at their forever homeExploitsValleySPCA

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