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Workers Notice Kitten at Construction Site All by Himself, Days Later Another Kitten Shows Up with Same Coat

Workers noticed a kitten at a construction site all by himself. A few days later, another one showed up with the same fluffy coat.

cute fluffy kitten hugsSquiggy@murphyslawanimalrescue

Three months ago, a tiny kitten was found all alone in the parking area of a construction site. Workers looked around for other kittens but didn’t find any. The cat mom never returned, so they contacted Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue (MLAR) for help.

“A generous angel brought him to us to give him a healthy, safe start,” Monica, a foster volunteer of MLAR, shared. She welcomed the kitten into her care and lovingly named him Squiggy.

A few days later, to her astonishment, another kitten of the same age, with the same fluffy coat showed up at the same site.

fluffy kitten toe beansHe was found all alone and rescued from the construction site@murphyslawanimalrescue

“(That morning), we received a call about another lone fur baby found in a Skid Steer front-end loader by a city worker. This one is white with black spots and looked similar to the one from the week before.”

All the similarities pointed to the likelihood that the two kittens are kin.

kitten fluffy rescueA few days later, another kitten of the same age, with the same fluff was found@murphyslawanimalrescue

There was still no sign of a mother cat. “What are the odds they are brother and sister?” The rescue began arranging for their “reunion”.

Monica picked up the kitten, and as soon as she laid eyes on her, she knew the odds were in their favor. The kitten named Shirley was an instant cuddle-bug, tucked in a comfy blanket, feeling safe and loved.

fluffy kitten purritoShirley@murphyslawanimalrescue

When Shirley was brought in to meet Squiggy, they waddled up side by side and started sniffing each other from head to tail. In no time, they were playing as if they had never been apart.

They rolled around crawling on top of one another, wrestling until they drifted off into a deep slumber together.

snuggly kittens fluffyThey started snuggling when they were reunited@murphyslawanimalrescue

“They have been playing and snuggling since they’ve been back together… like two peas in a pod.”

At least five people worked together to make this happen, so these two kittens would never be separated again. “They have bonded so quickly in just a few hours.”

snuggly fluffy kittensThey were like two peas in a pod@murphyslawanimalrescue

While Squiggy tried to figure out how to play with toys, Shirley continued to hone her walk and wrestling prowess. The brother was quick to learn to eat from a dish while his sister insisted on having some extra bottle time.

They rolled and tumbled in their nest like two roly-poly fluff balls.

snuggly sleeping bonded kittens@murphyslawanimalrescue

The kittens did everything as a pair, and their personalities rubbed off on each other.

After Squiggy was weaned, Shirley began to put in more effort, so she could dine alongside her brother. When Squiggy figured out the litter box, Shirley would join him and try to do the same.

fluffy kitten hug@murphyslawanimalrescue

Playtime is high on Shirley’s list of daily activities, though sleep still tops the list along with her brother.

“Being able to reunite these two has been such a special feeling. It feels great to be able to offer his sister the same second chance Squiggy was given.”

fluffy kitten hold paws@murphyslawanimalrescue

“Squiggy and Shirley stick together like peanut butter and jelly or baseball and apple pie. Their wobbly ways just put a smile on your face – little balls of joy.”

playful fluffy kittens@murphyslawanimalrescue

As they grew into rambunctious young cats, they joined other foster kittens in all sorts of mischief-making. They quickly became social butterflies.

kittens playingShirley was hanging out with another foster Stanley@murphyslawanimalrescue

Once they were big enough for adoption, their dream home was waiting for them.

It took a village to save two kittens. Now, Squiggy and Shirley will get to spend the rest of their lives together, forever.

kittens treatsShirley, Squiggy and friends@murphyslawanimalrescue

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