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Worker Saw Stray Kitten Running Up to Him in a Warehouse and Jumping into His Arms

A worker saw a stray kitten running up to him in a warehouse and jumping into his arms.

tabby stray kitten officeSparkleCatRescue

Last week, Steve, an employee of Alamance Oil Co, was in the warehouse, minding his own business, when a little ball of fur emerged between the barrels of motor oils.

The kitten had somehow snuck into the warehouse all by herself. As soon as she noticed Steve, she bolted out and made a beeline to him. The kitten wasn’t wary of people and seemed bereft of affection.

“We assume she was lost and probably looking for food. She was an instant cuddle-bug,” an office worker of the company shared with Love Meow.

tabby fluffy kitten strayThe kitten was found in a warehouse all by herselfSparkleCatRescue

Steve brought the kitten to the office, and she instantly fawned over everyone there. “We named her ‘Stevie Nix’. When we first fed her, she had a loud deep meow while eating.”

After devouring all the food and lapping up water from a bowl, the kitten was satiated and quenched. She chatted up a storm with every worker she came across, demanding their attention and cuddles.

sweet kitten tabby strayShe was brought to the office and started asking for attention and cuddlesSparkleCatRescue

Employees went to the store to get some cat food, a litter box and whatever the kitten might need.

“We fed and cleaned her up. She had oily fur from the warehouse. She loved to be touched and would lay on Ms. Yarbrough’s desk all day if she could.”

stray kitten office catShe got on a desk and offered her “help”SparkleCatRescue

When the kitten started playing, she turned the office into her personal gym. She hopped onto the desk to inspect the office supplies and checked the computer to offer her “assistance”.

Eventually, she turned to Ms. Yarbrough, begging for her attention.

sweet fluffy kitten officeShe meowed nonstop until she was pettedSparkleCatRescue

“She would sleep on her arm. You could pick her up and she would just be so calm and cuddle.”

The kitten didn’t have an owner, nor did anyone come to claim her. A staff member reached out to Stephanie Grantham, cofounder of Sparkle Cat Rescue, hoped to get the little one the care she needed, and a good home.

stray kitten desk officeAfter getting a full belly and lots of snuggles, she fell asleep on the deskSparkleCatRescue

“They kept her safe in the office until I could get her. She is about six weeks old and super sweet,” Stephanie told Love Meow. “She felt relieved to be safe when the office staff took care of her and loved on her.”

kitten fluffy carrierThe kitten was on her way to her foster homeSparkleCatRescue

The kitten curled up sweetly in Stephanie’s arms when she picked her up. Her purr motor rumbled blissfully as they headed off to her foster home.

She adored being held and was inquisitive about everything around her.

snuggly kitten purritoSparkleCatRescue

In no time, the kitten settled into her new space, cavorting around vivaciously as if she owned the place. “She is extremely playful and loves the jingle ball toys.”

She has a spacious playpen and all-you-can-eat buffet at her disposal. Most of all, she gets cuddles on demand.

snuggly cuddly kittenShe is very cuddly with everyoneSparkleCatRescue

She is loving every bit of her indoor life, playing to her heart’s content, snuggling with her people and lounging on her comfy bed without a care in the world.

The little tabby still has some growing to do and feline skills to hone before she’s ready for adoption.

fluffy kitten long whiskersSparkleCatRescue

“We know it won’t take long for her to find a forever home.”

After tiring out from all the mischief-making, the sweet kitten will stretch out on her bed before dozing off, dreaming about all the wonderful things.

happy sleeping kittenSparkleCatRescue

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