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Woman Finds Cat Near Busy Street Asking for Help and Changes His Life Forever

A woman found a cat near a busy street asking for help and changed his life forever.

ginger cat big eyesRousseau the cat@comrescuemontreal

Early last month, a cat was found abandoned in a park near a busy street, with food and water next to him. When he tried to move, he hobbled around slowly.

A Good Samaritan, Nathalie, learned about his plight through social media and leapt into action. She located the cat and immediately noticed his unsteady gait.

The sweet feline was friendly, rubbing against her with a contented purr. He then curled up on her lap, his eyes brimming with joy.

sweet lap cat strayHe was found abandoned in a park@comrescuemontreal

Nathalie took the cat home and ensconced him in a quiet, comfy room with plenty of food and amenities.

After a much-needed bath, his once-grimy fur transformed into a soft, gleaming coat. He sank into his warm bed with a full belly, and pressed his face against his rescuer as if to thank her for saving him.

cat cuddles armsHe went in for a cuddle with his rescuer@comrescuemontreal

Nathalie accompanied the cat to the vet, where they discovered that he had a neurological condition causing his wobbliness. His hind legs were in poor shape and needed further evaluation.

Hoping to secure the best possible care for the cat, Nathalie sought the assistance of her local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal.

sweet ginger cat big eyesRousseau had a wobbly gait and pain in his hind legs@comrescuemontreal

“We took him in and named him Rousseau. His back legs were weak, thin and had no muscular strength to support his balance,” Celine of the rescue shared.

“He had been using his front legs to compensate for them. He wouldn’t let anyone touch his back legs due to pain.”

sweet cat gingerAfter his hip replacement surgery, he came to his foster home to heal@comrescuemontreal

X-rays revealed that Rousseau had hip dysplasia, a bone malformation, and one of this hind limbs was dislocated. “He seemed to have endured all of this for a long time as he had some wear and tear in his joints.”

With the outpouring support from the public, Rousseau was able to quickly undergo hip replacement surgery to restore the function of his joints.

ginger cat cone sweet@comrescuemontreal

“He started his recovery in his foster home. He showed a voracious appetite and even went to the litter box by himself. He’s such a fighter.”

The first few steps he took were a bit shaky but he pressed on, learning to balance and building up his leg muscles.

ginger cat happyIn one week, he was back on all fours, walking, running and playing with toys@comrescuemontreal

“After a good week of rest, his energetic side really came out. He walked everywhere and even tried to run. We could see that he was no longer in pain and that he was pushing his limits.”

Rousseau regained his footing and started venturing around the house with his boundless curiosity.

playful cat tunelRousseau has blossomed into a very playful and curious cat@comrescuemontreal

His playful nature rebounded with his strengthened legs. His mild wobbliness only enhanced his charm, making him even more irresistible.

“He can now support himself on his back legs and even climb onto the couch which was previously impossible for him to do,” Celine share.

playful ginger cat big eyesGetting ready to pounce@comrescuemontreal

His newfound speed has transformed him into a playful powerhouse, allowing him to keep pace with his nimble feline companions.

“He hasn’t quite mastered his stop after a sprint, but floor mats help him a lot and give him more stability and grip using his claws.”

cuddly ginger catHe’s a cuddle-bug@comrescuemontreal

Rousseau has blossomed into an exuberant spirit, his playful antics filling the house with laughter.

“He loves other cats and trust his people with his whole heart. He follows his people everywhere and cuddles with them on the couch. He climbs into bed to be with them, though sometimes, he needs a bit of a lift.”

sweet ginger cat cute@comrescuemontreal

Rousseau likes to be in on all the action around the house. He greets people at the door, gazing at them with his big doe eyes, waiting to be doted on.

“He’s a little love who charms everyone he meets.”

ginger cat big eyes@comrescuemontreal

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