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Street Cat Makes Her Way onto a Kind Person’s Lap at Shopping Center, Hoping This Time Her Life Changes

A street cat made her way onto a kind person’s lap at a shopping center, hoping this time her life would change.

tabby ginger catCoral the catShelly

Shelly, a vet tech and animal rescuer, was getting a cup of coffee at a shopping center when she noticed a street cat asking for food around the tables.

“She gave up in the end and just lay down. It was a very hot day, too,” Shelly told Love Meow. The cat appeared to be young and heavily pregnant. When she turned around and locked eyes with Shelly, she walked right up to her.

“She jumped straight on my lap. I knew that she was about to give birth. I decided to take her home.”

street ginger pregnant catShe was found looking for food near the tables at a shopping centerShelly

Shelly obtained a carrier from a shop inside the shopping center. “I put some food in the box, and she went straight in.”

After a taxi ride home, Shelly set up a comfortable nest layered with blankets for the cat named Coral. Coral was famished and devoured a plate of food with gusto.

hungry cat gingerShe was so happy after getting a full bellyShelly

After getting her belly filled to the brim, she explored her new space and lay down on her side, stretching her paws blissfully and rumbling with her soft purrs.

“She looked so thankful and content. I knew I had done the right thing. Seeing her paddling whilst I stroke her, I thought she was happy to be here.”

snuggly cat ginger tabbyShe nestled in Shelly’s lap for a napShelly

One morning, Shelly walked into the nursery and found Coral in active labor. That day, five beautiful ginger kittens, Coral’s mini-mes, came into the world, with four boys and one girl.

Coral immediately jumped into mommy duties, cleaning, nursing, and catering to their every whim.

kittens nursing catCoral had five ginger kittens in a safe homeShelly

“She was so comfortable and committed. I just made sure I fed her the best food. She had everything from cat milk (formula) to kitten biscuits, wet food, chicken, meats. There would be a real selection for her.”

While Coral kept her babies well-fed, she needed some help cleaning their eyes, and Shelly was happy to offer some assistance.

kittens nursing cat gingerShe was a wonderful motherShelly

Coral was about 7-8 months old at the time and still a kitten herself. After raising her last litter, she would be able to enjoy being a kitten again.

When her mischievous five were ready to venture out of their nursery, Shelly upgraded them into a spacious room and began socializing them with the help of her resident cats.

cat kittens following momCoral led her kittens to their new spacious roomShelly

Coral was delighted to have feline friends to “babysit” her boisterous five, keeping them busy with games and antics. When the kittens zoomed around with their playful energy, Coral would watch them from afar like a proud mom.

“Over time, we had a few other kittens around the same age who were found without mothers. She even let them suckle from her. It was lovely to watch.”

kittens nursing catShelly

When the five gingers were big enough to spread their wings and fly, they were spayed and neutered and, one by one, adopted into loving homes.

Coral retired from motherhood and began her search for her happily ever after.

ginger catsCoral and one of her boysShelly

Rachel from the UK came across Coral on social media and fell head over heels for the sweet girl. She reached out to adopt, and it turned out to be the perfect match.

“It takes around four months for all the process to be completed for her to travel from Turkey (where Coral was rescued), and now she’s finally on the road to her new home in the UK,” Shelly told Love Meow.

beautiful ginger catCoral, now named Cleo, has found her forever homeShelly

“I’m so pleased I gave her a chance. She was a gentle cat, so young and beautiful-natured. I’m going to really miss her.”

The cat, now named Cleo, will start the rest of her life in a loving home with a wonderful family that will cherish her endlessly.

sweet cat gingerShelly

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