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Stray Cat Climbs a Fire Escape to Get into Someone’s Home So Her Life Can Change

A stray cat climbed a fire escape to get into someone’s home, so her life could change.

stray tortie cat friendlyLanna the tortie catBushwick Street Cats

Over two months ago, a tortoiseshell cat was spotted climbing a fire escape at a residential building in Brooklyn, seeking not only food but petting from friendly tenants.

She showed up outside a window with aplomb as if this wasn’t her first time asking for attention from a stranger. Once she found a tenant willing to open their window and offer her something to eat, she returned to the same place for more.

The sweet tortie was hungry and eager for affection. She’d hop on the window sill and await the tenant’s attention.

stray cat tortie friendlyThe tortie cat climbed a fire escape and tried to get into someone’s homeBushwick Street Cats

After she scarfed down her meal, she’d come straight up to her people for some extra petting. The tortie seemed to have an insatiable appetite for affection as she stood on her hind paws and tried to head bump their hands, urging for more.

No one in the neighborhood came forward to claim the cat, and she’d been roaming the streets for some time.

friendly stray catShe was very friendly and always vying for people’s attentionBushwick Street Cats

Knowing that she didn’t belong in the outdoors, the tenants wanted to get her off the streets and into a loving home. They reached out to their local all-volunteer rescue, Bushwick Street Cats, and asked if they could help the deserving cat.

“Lanna (the cat) kept climbing a local fire escape, looking for food and pets. The tenants knew she was something special and reached out for help,” Bushwick Street Cats shared with Love Meow.

beautiful tortie catShe kept climbing the fire escape, and they knew they had to help herBushwick Street Cats

Lanna was estimated to be one year old. She had a sweet, friendly temperament and walked around confidently with her tail held high. “She is up for anything. She loves meeting new people and gets along with other cats well.”

After she was spayed, fully vetted and microchipped, the rescue started their search for a good home for the tortie. They shared her story on social media, brought her to an adoption show and hoped that the perfect family would soon find her.

tortie cat happyLanna is simply happy to have a soft blanket to lie onEvan Walker

When Evan Walker saw Lanna online, it was love at first sight, and she submitted an application to adopt. When she met Lanna at the adoption event, she instantly connected with the beautiful, feisty tortie.

Lanna, now DJ, was over the moon as she bade farewell to the volunteers at Bushwick Street Cats and headed to her forever home.

sweet sleeping tortie catLanna, now DJ, was adopted by Evan WalkerEvan Walker

In the weeks that followed, DJ has blossomed into a beautiful queen with a big personality. She loves to play just as much as she does petting.

“She’s super playful, but also so sassy and will smack your feet and dart away and then come back and nuzzle you. It’s so funny,” Evan shared with Love Meow.

tortie cat beautifulShe enjoys the cushy indoor life and loves to playEvan Walker

The tortie is doing well with visitors and new friends, and becoming quite the social butterfly.

Nothing makes her happier than getting loved on by her forever human. She will knead away with her happy paws and fill her home with the sweetest rumbling purrs.

happy tortie catShe’s the happiest cat whenever she gets head scritchesEvan Walker

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