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Kittens Found When Someone Heard Their Cries, One of Them Significantly Smaller but Shows She Can Do Anything

A litter of kittens were found when someone heard their cries. One of them was significantly smaller but showed she could do anything.

calico kitten babyMeringue the calico@jenfosterskittens

About two months ago, four kittens were found outside when someone heard their cries. Nanette, a rescue volunteer in the South Bay, secured the kittens and reached out to local rescue groups for help.

Jen, who fosters for Wrenn Rescues, stepped up to the plate when Nanette couldn’t find anyone to take the kittens. They were around 10 days old when they arrived in Jen’s care.

The kittens came in a vulnerable state and kept Jen on her toes for many days and nights. Meringue, the runt, was significantly smaller than her siblings.

kittens orphanThey were found abandoned outside@tnr_south_bay and @jenfosterskittens

“I really didn’t stop worrying about them. Meringue wouldn’t take the bottle and needed to be tube-fed. They were all difficult eaters and slow to grow,” Jen shared with Love Meow.

Despite her best efforts, one kitten, Ganache, sadly didn’t make it. Meringue hung in there with all her might along with her sister, Buttercream, and brother, Caramel.

calico kittens sistersMeringue and Buttercream@jenfosterskittens

“She is the very definition of tiny but mighty. She is definitely going to rule the roost when they get bigger.”

Through painstaking care and plenty of TLC, things started to turn around. “All of a sudden, they all started eating well, even Meringue. She gained 200 grams in a week. I started to worry a little less.”

tiny kitten towerTiny but mighty@jenfosterskittens

The trio became more active by the day. Meringue would follow her sister, Buttercream, around the pen, playing and snuggling. They were like two peas in a pod.

They learned to use the litter box together and demanded food at the same time.

calico kittens cute@jenfosterskittens

Whenever Jen came in with their bottle, all three would scream at the top of their lungs, all at once, and even try to climb over the partitions to get to their foster mom.

“They get fed every 3-4 hours during the day, but they still always yell at the bottle lady.”

hungry calico kittens@jenfosterskittens

One by one, the kittens crossed the one-pound mark, and that’s when Jen could breathe a sigh of relief.

In the following weeks, the kittens were introduced to solid food. Caramel was the first to sample the dish and decided he was ready to wean. Buttercream later followed suit.

kittens in litter boxMeringue, Caramel and Buttercream@jenfosterskittens

Meringue was the last baby to give up on her bottle (on her own terms) at almost eight weeks old.

With the encouragement of her siblings, Meringue learned to climb up a cat tree but had trouble getting down.

kittens cat tree, calico kittens@jenfosterskittens

She mustered up the courage and figured out a unique way to conquer the descent.

“She ‘can’t’ get down from the cat tree, but she can make a giant leap to the lounger and jump down from there. This is how she gets down from the tree every time.”

calico kitten cat treeMeringue likes to leap off the cat tree@jenfosterskittens

Meringue and Buttercream share an adorable bond (will be adopted together) and have a forever home lined up for them. Their brother, Caramel, is ready to find a place of his own.

calico kitten sisters@jenfosterskittens

“They have the best personalities. All three kittens purr the second I walk in the room. When I sit down, they all have to be on me. They are so sweet, loving and insanely playful,” Jen told Love Meow.

calico kitten snugglyShe tucked herself next to her snuggle toy@jenfosterskittens

Share this story with your friends. More on the kittens and Jen’s fosters on Instagram @jenfosterskittens and Wrenn Rescues @wrennrescues and Nanette @tnr_south_bay.

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