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Kitten Ran Around Streets for a Month Until Moving Indoors and Finding Cat He Couldn’t Imagine Life without

A kitten ran around the streets for a month until moving indoors and finding a cat he couldn’t imagine life without.

cats snuggly best friendsMickey and OliverAudrey

One night, Donna, an animal rescuer, received a message from her veterinarian, Dr. Sue, about a black and white kitten spotted outside a local McDonalds.

The kitten ran to the parking lot to scrounge food scraps. When Dr. Sue pulled in, she saw the little one lying in a parking space. He was very skittish and wouldn’t let anyone near him.

Donna rushed to the location the following day, but the kitten was nowhere to be found. She noticed food bowls left behind by those who had tried to help the kitten.

kitten street bushesDonna

She later returned to continue her search for the kitten. “There he was, so little and right by the highway. My heart sank,” Donna shared.

Traffic was heavy in the area, with semi-trailers and cars constantly swooping by. The kitten dashed into the bushes when he saw Donna, so she set a humane trap with smelly food and walked back to her car to wait.

kitten rescued humane trapDonna

When she got to the back of her vehicle, she heard the door click shut. “It was 6:37 AM, and I had him.”

“This kitten was either abandoned or hitched a ride from anywhere inside a semi or a car. I looked back on the local posts and saw someone else posted about him (wandering the streets) a month ago. With the help of Dr. Sue, he’s safe, and that’s what matters.”

tuxedo kitten snugglyDonna

The kitten named Mickey D was treated for fleas and worms and neutered. On his first night home, he was so scared that he slept in a litter box instead of his comfy bed.

With lots of patience and treats, he slowly came out of his shell. When he got used to touch, he leaned into his foster mom and purred up a storm.

snuggly kitten affectionDonna

Mickey truly flourished in his foster home, without the noise from the streets and the uncertainty of tomorrow. Within days, he began to play with toys and be the kitten he was always meant to be.

He cherished his bed and blankets and paddled away before nestling in for a nap.

kitten kneading blanketHe enjoyed kneading on his blanketDonna

When Mickey was ready to look for his forever home, he came to the adoption floor at Cats Are People, Too! Club for a better chance at meeting the right family. While there, he snuggled up to another shy kitten so both could lean onto each other.

After two weeks and no interest, Mickey returned to his foster home for a much-needed break.

kitten home tuxedoMickey was happy to return home after two weeks on the adoption floorDonna

He was stressed at the shelter, but the second he was home, he switched on his purr motor and acted like a happy, playful kitten again.

He rubbed against Donna as if they’d “never missed a beat.”

cats stair friendsOliver and Mickey became best friendsDonna

Mickey bonded with another rescue cat, his foster brother, Oliver. The orange tabby took him under his wing and became his mentor, his best friend.

After a month without a single application, Donna heard from a family who lives just a few blocks away. They wanted to adopt Mickey and a feline friend.

cat kitten playfulOliver took the kitten under his wingDonna

Audrey was ready to open her heart again after her beloved cats passed away (one four years ago and the other a few months ago). “We have known this family for years. She truly wanted to adopt two cats.”

“We knew Oliver would be lost without Mickey. We also knew Mickey did indeed need someone to share life with. We feel Mickey and Oliver were destined to be together.”

sleeping kitten sprawled outMickey at his forever homeAudrey

The two buddies went to their new home and quickly turned the place into their playground.

Oliver demands attention from people and greets them at the door while Mickey watches him and follows his lead. The two zoom around the house right before bedtime and create all sorts of antics throughout the day.

cats friends foreverMickey and his best friend will be together foreverAudrey

With a loving family and Oliver by his side, Mickey has grown so brave even at the vet’s.

“Seeing them so well-adjusted, loved, and doted on is just the best feeling. Mickey is living the best life.”

happy tuxedo catAudrey

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