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Kitten Plays Under Christmas Tree for the First Time a Few Weeks After She Traveled to Parking Lot on a Truck

A kitten played under a Christmas tree for the first time in her life a few weeks after she traveled to a parking lot on a truck.

tripod kitten shoulder catAimee

A Good Samaritan spotted a kitten in a parking lot with a limp and brought her to a veterinary clinic for help. The kitten reportedly had gotten on a truck and traveled from North Carolina to north Georgia.

Despite having a broken leg that required amputation, the kitten was full of affection, purring nonstop and kneading away all day at the clinic. Even after surgery, she continued her “biscuit-making” and greeted everyone with squeaky meows.

Staff fell head over heels for the kitten and wanted to get her into a foster program.

kitten stray rescueShe kneaded on her towel and meowed to the staff at the clinicAimee

They contacted Aimee of Be Their Voice Animal Rescue so that the kitten could start her healing process in the comfort of a loving home.

Even with the stitches, the kitten, Acorn, was a constant beacon of joy. She craved attention from her foster mom and wanted to play and be around her all day.

kitten sweet rescueShe had a broken leg and underwent an amputationAimee

Aimee spent ample time with the kitten so she could have supervised playtime and plenty of company.

“She really took the whole thing in stride, always good about her meds,” Aimee shared with Love Meow. “She was a good sport about the two-week cage rest (for her post-op recovery).”

sweet sleeping kitten lap catShe was an instant lap catAimee

Once the kitten got her sutures removed, she was over the moon, scampering across the room like she owned the place.

She asked for attention and demanded to be held, all while running her purr motor. “She plays, purrs, and makes more biscuits than she knows what to do with and just generally has the best disposition.”

happy kitten big pawAimee

If Aimee is in the office, the kitten will chirp and meow under her chair until she is picked up and loved on.

“When she is ready for a nap, she follows you around, complaining and demanding you stop moving so she can snuggle and get her beauty rest.”

3 legged kitten sweetThe little tripod loves to run, jump, and playAimee

The kitten thrives as a tripod, climbing cat trees and posts like a champ. She can hold her own and keep up with others when playing with her 4-legged friends. She fearlessly hops and leaps over toys and onto platforms as if she could fly.

“She marches to the beat of her tiny tripod drum.”

couch kitten sweetAimee

When Aimee set up a Christmas tree and placed a round tunnel at the base, Acorn immediately came to test it.

She launched herself into the tunnel, barreling through like a blur. After a few loops, she lay at the entrance, furiously batting at a toy swinging from above.

sweet kitten playfulAcorn played under the Christmas tree for the first time in her lifeAimee

She also helped inspect each wrapped present set by the tree. Once done, she returned to her comfy couch or Christmas tree bed and resumed her “baking duty”.

It didn’t take long for the little tripod to find her forever home.

kitten cat bedShe loves her Christmas tree bedAimee

She won over the hearts of a wonderful family and would be joining them soon.

As for now, Acorn is reveling in the holiday spirit, romping around and playing to her heart’s content. If she needs to recharge, she’ll curl up on a warm lap and purr herself to sleep.

cute sleeping kittenShe makes plenty of biscuits on her soft blanketAimee

“I’ve had hundreds of fosters, and some just grab onto your heartstrings. Acorn is one of those. She has a special place in my heart,” Aimee shared.

kitten cat christmas treeShe helps inspect Christmas presentsAimee

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