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Kitten Gets His Leg Fixed Then Goes on to Find Another Kitten Who Makes Him Feel Whole

A kitten got his leg fixed then went on to find another kitten who made him feel whole.

cute ginger kitten tabbyScouttiny.paws.fosters

About a month ago, an animal shelter sent out a rescue plea for a quarter-pound, one-week-old kitten. He had arrived with an injured front leg. The puncture wound in his tiny arm caused it to swell.

Shelter staff reached out to local rescues in hopes of getting him the help he needed to thrive. Nadija who fosters for AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, took him into her care, so the kitten named Scout could get a chance to save his leg.

Scout was in good spirits despite everything he’d gone through. He insisted on waddling around using all fours and refused to let anything slow him down.

palm sized kittenScout was rescued with an injured legtiny.paws.fosters

A trip to the vet confirmed that Scout had likely sustained a bite wound which became infected. He was immediately treated and started on antibiotics.

Scout, being just pint-sized, had the heart of a tiger and took everything in stride.

sweet tabby ginger kittenHis leg started to healtiny.paws.fosters

With a voracious appetite, he began to put on weight and gain strength. “He loves to roll around and purrs after his meals,” Nadija shared with Love Meow.

Scout quickly grew inquisitive about his surroundings. True to his moniker, he enjoyed scouting around his nest and even attempted to clamber Mount Blankets.

sweet kitten ginger tabbyScout and his faux mamatiny.paws.fosters

When he tired out from his mini excursions, Scout would nestle in the arms of his faux mama (a snuggle toy with a heartbeat) and fall asleep to the soothing, rhythmic sound.

A few weeks after arriving, Scout surprised everyone with the progress he’d made. His leg was healing wonderfully, and he had officially entered the one-pound club, quadrupling his weight upon arrival.

tabby ginger kittentiny.paws.fosters

While he was still trying to figure out how to play with new toys, he was steadier and more nimble on his feet, walking around with his tiny tail pointing to the sky.

Scout was hitting all the milestones but seemed lonesome as the sole kitten in the nursery. He was eager for a constant friend with whom he could tumble and snuggle.

sweet ginger kitten tabbytiny.paws.fosters

Around that time, a motherless kitten was brought into the shelter as a singleton. She was very tiny under all the fur. “She was four weeks old, covered in fleas and in desperate need of a bath.”

Nadija took her in and knew that she would make a perfect friend for Scout.

sweet kitten tinySavannahtiny.paws.fosters

Nadija was able to rid her of all the pesky fleas and reassured her that she was safe with a snuggle session. The kitten named Savannah was immediately receptive to petting.

She ate to her heart’s content and then dozed off to a long healing siesta.

kitten wrapped blanketsShe was all cleaned up and snuggledtiny.paws.fosters

When the two kittens were due for a meet-and-greet, Scout was over the moon, trotting up to his new friend, sniffing around to get to know her.

In no time, they were bouncing around in their playpen as if they had always been siblings.

kittens playfulScout and Savannah met for the first timetiny.paws.fosters

“Scout and Savannah have become fast friends, and it warms my heart to know they have each other.”

Scout no longer feels lonely now that he has another kitten to keep him company. He’s more encouraged than ever to exercise his legs, and his personality is emerging.

snuggly kittens friendsThey quickly became good friendstiny.paws.fosters

“Little man loves to explore and be out and about. It’s really sweet to watch him discover new things, make friends and explore the world around him,” Nadija shared.

“Savannah may weigh less than a pound and fit in the palm of my hand, but she’s a spunky little girl that loves to climb, runs around like she owns the place.”

sweet ginger kitten legtiny.paws.fosters

It’s hard to think that they came from a rough beginning being so vivacious, carefree and playful today. The two best friends are blossoming, living the best life without a care in the world.

sleeping kittens friendstiny.paws.fosters

Share this story with your friends. More on Scout, Savannah and Nadija’s fosters on Instagram @tiny.paws.fosters and her rescue @animalluvrsdreamrescue.

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