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Kitten Found Under Moving Car at Grocery Store Immediately Starts to Change When He’s Brought Inside

A kitten who was found frightened under a moving car, immediately started to change when he was brought inside.

snuggly ginger kittenMonty the kitten@sparklecatrescue

Last Saturday, a group of passersby spotted an orange tabby kitten under a moving car at a small grocery store. He was terrified, desperately trying to find a place to hide.

“As I watched the girls point and scream at the car backing out of its spot, that’s when I noticed the cute little orange kitten was in danger of being squished by the front tires,” Doug shared.

“The poor thing was running from wheel to wheel, trying to climb back into the engine compartment.”

ginger stray kittenMonty was found as a stray under a carImpulsive Creativity

They immediately got the driver to stop the vehicle, and Doug was able to help in getting the kitten out from under the car. “(He was) tired, scared and very thirsty.”

David and Kat, owners of an arts and crafts store, Impulsive Creativity, learned about the kitten’s plight and offered to help. They got him some food and water right away.

stray kitten snugglesMonty felt safe when he was heldImpulsive Creativity

The tabby named Monty started to calm down when he was held in David’s arms. The couple took him home that day and reached out to their local rescue group, Sparkle Cat Rescue, for assistance.

In less than a day, Monty came out of his shell, and the fear in his eyes vanished. He warmed up to the couple and started demanding their attention and pets.

stray kitten ginger montyHe quickly came out of his shell when he was off the streetsImpulsive Creativity

Monty turned out to be extremely affectionate and would cry at the top of his lungs until he got what he wanted – head scritches.

No one came forward to claim the kitten. After two nights with the couple, Monty was off to the all-volunteer rescue, where he would receive medical attention, socialization and a chance at finding a good home.

ginger tabby kitten montyHe turned out to be a very affectionate kittenImpulsive Creativity

Garrett and Amanda, volunteers of Sparkle Cat Rescue, opened their hearts and home to foster him.

“When we got Monty he was already a snuggle-bug. We took him out of the carrier, and he almost immediately fell asleep while we were holding him, and he snuggled up on my shoulder,” Amanda told Love Meow.

snuggly kitten cuddlesMonty immediately snuggled up to his foster mom, Amanda@sparklecatrescue

Monty instantly felt at home. He followed his people around and insisted on staying close to them at all times.

He was over the moon to have a roof over his head, plenty of soft things to cozy up with, bountiful food to fill his belly and kind humans that dote on him all day.

foster ginger kitten montyHe is so happy to be in a comfy home@sparklecatrescue

In no time, he started playing, zooming around the place like he owned it. When he tired out, he made a beeline to his people and curled up in their arms to recharge.

Monty is the happiest boy whenever he’s cuddled.

cuddly kitten montyHe wants to be cuddled all the time@sparklecatrescue

“He is energetic and likes to play but also loves to be held and loved on. Really, he is the perfect little kitten,” Amanda shared with Love Meow.

ginger kitten playfulHe’s getting very playful in foster care@sparklecatrescue

Monty still has some healing and filling out to do. Once he is ready, he will start looking for a loving home where he will be spoiled and adored endlessly.

sweet ginger kittenMonty likes to stay close to his people at all times@sparklecatrescue

It took a village to save the kitten. Now, Monty sleeps soundly without a care in the world, knowing he is safe and loved.

sleeping ginger kittenHappy and loved@sparklecatrescue

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