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Kitten Found Outside Using Only Front Paws to Walk, Immediately Wants Play and Affection from Everyone

A kitten who was found outside using only his front paws to walk, immediately wanted play and affection from everyone.

cute ginger kitten cuddlySquash the kitten@theoddcatsanctuary

A little orange kitten was found outside as a stray. He moved around using only his two front legs. His hind limbs appeared to be bent, but the kitten had figured out a unique way to get around.

He was brought into The Odd Cat Sanctuary when he was just a few weeks old. “He was born with some congenital abnormalities to his legs. He was super sweet, loved to be held and loved to purr,” the rescue shared with Love Meow.

On the first day in foster care, the kitten named Butternut Squash proved that he wouldn’t let anything stop him.

kitten sweet special needsSquash was born with congenital abnormalities to his legs@theoddcatsanctuary

Squash was treated for some stomach issues. With great vet care and his voracious appetite, he made steady gains each day, and his body started to fill out.

As he grew stronger, Squash became more active, explorative, and would play with any toy he laid his paws on. “He is a happy little guy who loves attention and loves to play.”

cute kitten gingerHe was an instant cuddle-bug and a purr machine@theoddcatsanctuary

Squash settled into a spacious pen in his foster home. As soon as he heard people coming to his room, he would get up and make his way to greet them.

He would use his front legs to support his body, lift up his rear to move forward or scoot around. At a tender age, Squash had a big voice and a lot to say to his people.

sweet ginger kittenSquash has figured out a unique way to get around using his strong front legs@theoddcatsanctuary

When he wanted to adjust his position around his food dish, he would launch his hindquarters into a handstand and quickly maneuver his body from one side to another.

Squash never thought he was any different and could get around just fine in his own special way.

playful ginger kitten squashHe loves attention and loves to play@theoddcatsanctuary

After tiring himself out with play, Squash would seek attention from his people and melt into their arms whenever he was held.

Knowing how much he desired a constant buddy, the rescue was on the lookout for another singleton his age. That’s when they met Charolette the kitten.

sweet ginger kitten squash@theoddcatsanctuary

Charolette was found as a lone stray, sickly and covered in dirt. She came to The Odd Cat Sanctuary, needing a lot of TLC.

Through the painstaking care of veterinary staff and volunteers, she was nursed back to health. As soon as she got pep under her feet, she started playing.

stray kittenCharolette was found as a stray@theoddcatsanctuary

When she was ready to socialize, it was time to introduce the two singletons. “We decided to pair them so Squash could have a friend and learn how to play and be a cat.”

Charolette made a full recovery and turned into a ball of energy.

sweet tabby kittenShe was nursed back to health and became very playful@theoddcatsanctuary

“A few hours after they met, they became best friends and started playing. They haven’t stopped since,” The Odd Cat shared with Love Meow.

“They are full of sweetness, love and just want to be cuddled and be close to you. The second you touch either of them, you get instant purrs.”

kittens best friendsSquash and Charolette have become best buddies@theoddcatsanctuary

Squash is living each day to the fullest, playing his heart out with Charolette. He’s inquisitive, full of life and doesn’t like to miss out on the action.

The little guy never ceases to amaze people with what he can do.

sweet special needs kittenSquash is full life and ready to find a place of his own@theoddcatsanctuary

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