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Kitten Crashes Couple’s Wedding and Wriggles into Their Hearts as ‘Cat Distribution System’ Works Overtime

A kitten crashed a couple’s wedding and wriggled her way into their hearts as the “cat distribution system” worked overtime.

kitten cat humans snugglesDaisy the kitten and her humans, Cara and MattCara and Matt

Cara and Matt’s wedding day became extraordinarily special when an unexpected guest crashed the venue and added a unique twist during their ceremony.

While Matt declared his love and commitment to his bride, unbeknownst to the couple, a little kitten started to sound off in the background. “I was trying so hard to listen to the beautiful words my soon-to-be-husband had written for me, and all my best friends were laughing behind me,” Cara shared with Love Meow.

“(When) one of the groomsmen stuck his head out of the line with such a grin, I knew something was up.”

stray kitten weddingA kitten crashed Cara and Matt’s wedding and demanded to be heardCara and Matt, Tik Tok/gatsby.and.daisy

“I didn’t notice the kitten till the moment I whipped around, and my maid of honor pointed out there was a cat.”

A tiny gray tabby perched on a tree stump directly behind them, demanding to be heard. When the couple saw the kitten, their hearts melted, and it felt serendipitous.

cake cat toppersCara and Matt’s wedding cake toppersCara and Matt, Tik Tok/gatsby.and.daisy

“That moment is burned into my memory. She placed herself perfectly for us to see her.”

Cara and Matt are huge cat lovers and proud parents of a gray and white cat named Gatsby. “Our names together are Catt. We even had cat cake toppers. So this was kind of crazy.”

snuggle kitten lap catDaisy turned into an instant love bug with the coupleCara and Matt, Tik Tok/gatsby.and.daisy

The kitten quieted down after the commotion of cheers and laughter and watched from afar as the ceremony proceeded. “It truly felt like a sign.”

After the ceremony, their friends and family tried to rescue the kitten, but the little one was too scared and retreated into hiding. Staff at the venue offered to feed her and keep an eye out for her.

snuggly kitten under sweaterCara and Matt, Tik Tok/gatsby.and.daisy

The couple left, not knowing if they would ever see her again. After over a week of coaxing the kitten with food, the staff finally got her.

They took the kitten to a shelter to get her checked up and vetted and notified Cara and Matt immediately. “We knew we had to have her.” The couple made the adoption official and lovingly named her Daisy.

sweet lap cat kittenShe loves sitting on a warm lap, purring up a stormCara and Matt, Tik Tok/gatsby.and.daisy

“I knew right away she had found her forever home with us on the drive home from picking her up. She sat so calmly in the carrier, purring, and licked my hand as I pet her.”

Matt was smitten with Daisy but worried whether their other cat, Gatsby, would accept the newcomer.

snuggly cats by windowGatsby and DaisyCara and Matt

“It took about two weeks of slowly introducing them to each other, but they now really seem to enjoy one another.”

Daisy has turned into a certified lap cat with a strong purr motor and a penchant for kisses. She runs around the house with her unbridled energy, jumping, climbing, and chasing toys.

sweet cat kittenCara and Matt

“She is always bopping around getting into something. She is shy around new people, which makes her quick bonding to us even more of a phenomenon,” Cara told Love Meow.

Daisy follows her people on their heels, needing to be involved in everything they do. “She has become very attached to both of us. My other cat has also bonded with her quickly and follows her around, so now everything is a group activity.”

playful wrestling catsCara and Matt, Tik Tok/gatsby.and.daisy

Gatsby likes to “help” when his humans change the bed sheets. Now, he has recruited a little assistant to play and crawl under the sheets with.

Daisy adores her people and shows love in an endearing way. “Her favorite thing in the whole world is to lick our hands. She will wake up at 4 AM just licking our hands, purring away.”

snuggly kitten lap catCara and Matt

“The cat distribution system was working overtime for this one–from meowing from the trees at wedding guests to my own shiny (Christmas tree) inside.”

kitten christmas tree lightsCara and Matt, Tik Tok/gatsby.and.daisy

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