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Kitten Continues to Roll Over Purring Even in Rough Shape, Then One Day He Meets Cat and Family of His Dreams

A kitten continued to roll over, purring even when he was in rough shape. A few weeks later, he met a cat and the family of his dreams.

kitten sweet orangeCola the kittenCommunityCatClub

Earlier this year, a local TNR (trap-neuter-return) group found a litter of kittens in a cat colony, two of which were in poor shape.

Sara Sharp, founder of Community Cat Club, responded to the rescue request to help them. The orange and white kitten, Cola, was the sickest of the bunch but continued to hang on with the little strength he had left.

“The moment we got him, he was pretty much unresponsive, had low body temperature, anemic and emaciated. He was in bad shape. Our team jumped into action to save his life,” Sara told Love Meow.

Sara held Cola with a heating pad while offering some sugar water to boost his energy.

kittens rescued strayHe was found in rough shape in a cat colonyCommunityCatClub

When Cola was found, he was infested with fleas and had a severe upper respiratory infection, among other issues. He was in such a sorry state that Sara’s team wasn’t sure if he would pull through.

Sara thought, no matter the outcome, she wanted Cola to feel warm and loved. In the cradle of her arms, the kitten found solace, which rekindled a spark of life in him.

sweet kitten heldSara held him with a heating pad and gave him sugar water to boost his energyCommunityCatClub

“He literally jumped out of my arms. At that moment, I knew he had fight left in him.”

Cola, who could barely keep his eyes open, let out a gentle purr as Sara stroked his face. He had a long road to recovery, but the little guy has the heart of a lion.

kitten fighter sweetCola bounced back and started to healCommunityCatClub

“With intense supportive care throughout the day, he perked up and continued to thrive.”

Cola graduated from an incubator into a playpen when he was back on his feet. His eyes became clearer each day, his appetite returned with a vengeance, and his energy levels soared.

sweet kittens snugglingHe was reunited with his siblings in a foster homeCommunityCatClub

He turned into a full-fledged love bug, seeking attention whenever he could. “From the moment we got him, he was the sweetest little guy, always rolling over belly rubs and purring.”

He was finally well enough to be reunited with his siblings in a foster home. With other kittens to roughhouse with, Cola’s personality truly shone.

sweet kitten happy tongueCola blossomed into a handsome, playful young catCommunityCatClub

Cola joined his siblings in their daily adventures, scampering around the place, pouncing and wrestling with each other. He became an excellent climber and kept finding new vantage points in the room.

“He loved to run around and play with his siblings but also loved to cuddle up for a good belly rub.”

sweet playful kitten catHe loves to climb and is very adventurousCommunityCatClub

After weeks in foster care, a wonderful family opened their hearts and their home to Cola and his brother, Captain, so that they could stay together forever.

The two brothers met their new feline sister, who immediately took them under her wing.

cats snuggling lap kittensCola has found his forever home and a new feline sisterCommunityCatClub

Whenever they curl up in their human’s lap, their sister comes over and nestles next to them, washing their faces and keeping them company.

Captain melted into his sister as she showered him with love.

sweet cats snuggling happyCaptain is over the moon with his forever familyCommunityCatClub

Cola has found the family of his dreams, along with his brother.

When they are not darting around, weaving through furniture, they are cuddling with their humans and feline sister without a care in the world.

cats sweet lovingHappy and lovedCommunityCatClub

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