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Kitten Clings to the People Who Come for Him After a Week at Shelter, They End Up Saving His Life

A kitten clung to the people who came for him, after a week at the shelter. They ended up saving his life.

kitten snuggly pawOwen the kitten@catasticalmeows

A black and white kitten was brought into an animal shelter, desperately needing foster care. He had a mild upper respiratory infection and was very small for his age.

Shelter staff sent out a plea for help, but after a week of waiting, no one showed up for him. Erin who fosters for Wrenn Rescues, learned about his plight and knew she had to help.

“His little face just called out to us. We worked with Mel Lamprey and her rescue, Pumpkin Patch Pet Rescue, to pull him right away,” Erin told Love Meow.

kitten shelterHe was rescued after a week at the shelter@catasticalmeows

The kitten named Owen was very vocal and adamant about never being alone again. He had a lot to say to his people with his adorable crunchy meow throughout the car ride home.

“He already has so much personality.”

kitten ride homeOwen had a lot to say throughout his ride home@catasticalmeows

Owen felt right at home upon arrival and quickly started playing with toys. He found his human’s lap extremely cozy, curled up on it and purred himself to sleep.

All he wanted was someone to snuggle with and love on, as if he was trying to make up for lost time.

kitten snuggly cuteHe was an instant cuddle-bug@catasticalmeows

“Immediately he was so sweet and loving, and he was eating well and playing. All was well, until it wasn’t,” Erin shared.

Erin woke up one day to Owen feeling lethargic, having no appetite and showing no interest in playing. “He just wanted to snuggle into your neck and sleep.”

kitten curled up sleeping@catasticalmeows

His weight began to drop rapidly. Since he was so tiny and underweight, Erin started syringe-feeding him and giving him fluids.

“We took him to the vet and were shocked to hear panleukopenia. While he was vaccinated in the shelter prior to us getting him, it is not a guarantee that he wouldn’t get it or have been exposed to it.”

kitten sleeping curled@catasticalmeows

Owen was very small for his age, but he had a lot of fight in him. They came home that day loaded with supportive care to help him get over this hump.

After a couple days of fluids, medication and syringe feeds, Owen started to perk up. As his appetite returned, his big voice was also restored.

sweet kittenOwen started to perk up, and his appetite returned@catasticalmeows

He would scream at mealtime like he used to and groom himself again with his newfound strength. His coat was getting healthier and shinier, and he was back to making steady gains.

“When he started eating on his own and demanding food every few hours, we knew he had turned a corner,” Erin told Love Meow.

kitten on scaleHe started to make good gains@catasticalmeows

“His weight was finally going up and not down. He started at 566g (at intake) and dropped drastically to 485g in a matter of a day. He has rebounded and now is 740g.”

Owen’s energy level has picked up nicely, and his playful side has reemerged. He bounces around as if he had springs under his feet. He adores his people and is eager to have a constant buddy to play with.

sweet kitten owenHis energy level came back, and he started creating antics again@catasticalmeows

If Owen does something mischievous and gets caught, he will keep going and won’t let anything stop him.

“His favorite thing to do right now is escape his playpen. It’s almost a game to him. Once he escapes and sees you, he’ll run around the room like the muffin man, catch me if you can.”

snuggly kitten owen@catasticalmeows

When Owen tires out from all the antics, he’ll curl up sweetly on his foster mom and doze off to the sound of his purrs. To Owen, there’s no place more comfortable to nap on than his people.

“You can’t help but laugh and fall completely in love with him.”

tiny kitten owenHe has a cute white patch on his back@catasticalmeows

Once Owen is clear to socialize with other kittens, he will have two foster buddies awaiting him. He’s making great strides, getting stronger and bigger each day.

“He will make someone really happy and bring so much joy to his future forever home.”

sweet kitten owen@catasticalmeows

Share this story with your friends. More on Owen and Erin’s fosters on Instagram @catasticalmeows and Wrenn Rescues @wrennrescues.

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