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Kitten Can’t Walk for Weeks, Starts to See Remarkable Changes, Now Zooms and Hops Around with So Much Joy

A kitten who couldn’t walk for weeks, started to see remarkable changes. Now, she zooms and hops around with so much joy.

sweet tuxedo kittenClarice the kitten@theoddcatsanctuary

A tiny tailless kitten was given a second chance at life when she arrived at the Odd Cat Sanctuary over two months ago.

She had been found as a lonesome stray with congenital deformities. At a few weeks old, the kitten named Clarice was unable to walk with her hind limbs.

“She was born with deformed back legs that she wasn’t able to use, and a condition called Manx syndrome (which affects the function of the hindquarters),” the Odd Cat Sanctuary shared with Love Meow.

sweet tuxedo kittenClarice was born with congenital deformities and found outside as a stray@theoddcatsanctuary

Despite being just pint-sized, Clarice showed incredible resolve to move around and play like other cats. She would wrestle with toys that were twice her size, and wouldn’t let anything stop her.

Her foster mom saw the fight in her from the day Clarice came into care. “She has been very dedicated to helping her get strong with water and physical therapy.”

tuxedo kitten sweetShe couldn’t use her back legs upon arrival@theoddcatsanctuary

Her foster mom worked on strengthening her hind legs every day in hopes that someday Clarice would start using them. Slowly but surely, she started to see progress.

Over time, the kitten was able to use her back legs with more vigor and ferocity, and she was strong enough to bunny-kick her toys.

playful happy kittenClarice let nothing stop her from having fun@theoddcatsanctuary

At some point, the tuxedo mustered up the strength to stand on all fours and attempt to walk.

Every time Clarice took a stumble, she bounced right back and tried again. She figured out how to balance with her legs and took careful steps to push herself forward. Every stride she made spurred her to keep going.

kitten standing sweetThrough physical therapy, she made great strides and began to use her legs to stand and walk@theoddcatsanctuary

“She is now able to use her back legs. She loves to run and hop around like a normal kitten these days.”

With steadiness and strength in her legs, Clarice enjoys cavorting around, trying to get other cats (who are bigger) to chase her. When she tires herself out, she’ll snuggle up to her feline friends or conk out next to them.

happy playful tuxedoSoon, she was running around with other cats in the house@theoddcatsanctuary

“She loves playing with toys, and has been able to make it up a ramp and up onto the low level of her cat tree.”

The fearless tuxedo is the smallest member in her foster home, but she has the heart of a tiger. At 14 weeks old, Clarice weighs less than two pounds. “The vets believe she will be a ‘forever kitten’,” the rescue told Love Meow.

sweet tuxedo kittenClarice loves zooming and hopping around the place@theoddcatsanctuary

Clarice adores the resident dogs and sees them as equals. Despite their towering size, she likes to scamper around with them and nap on their dog beds.

The kitten requires assistance to potty, a couple of times a day. She is so full of life that she doesn’t think she is any different.

sweet kitten cat bedShe is fearless and loves everyone@theoddcatsanctuary

“She knows her bathroom routine and tolerates every aspect of it very well. She will likely benefit from wearing small diapers for cleanliness once she’s bigger.”

The tuxedo is a little social butterfly who is fond of the company of people, dogs and other cats.

kitten friends sun bathing@theoddcatsanctuary

“Clarice is a huge personality in a tiny, adorable, bunny-hopping kitten body, and deserves the best home with someone who will continue to spoil her like her foster mom has.”

tuxedo kitten blanket@theoddcatsanctuary

Share this story with your friends. Clarice is looking for her forever home through the Odd Cat Sanctuary (located in MA) on Instagram @theoddcatsanctuary and Facebook.

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