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Kitten Brought to Shelter Alone and Started Greeting Everyone, Months Later, Some Things Just Never Change

A kitten was brought to a shelter all alone and started greeting everyone. Now months later, some things just never change.

tiny cuddly kittenCB the kittenErica @phillykittylady_fosters

Over two months ago, a tiny kitten was surrendered to ACCT Philly as a singleton. She immediately made an impression on the staff and volunteers with her adoration for people and penchant for cuddles.

She was lovingly named Cuddle Buddy (CB for short). The shelter began to look for a foster volunteer who could provide the round-the-clock attention that the kitten required.

Erica Whitsell, a vet tech, stepped up to help. The first night with the kitten was long and exhausting as CB refused to eat from a bottle.

kitten in bag sweetErica @phillykittylady_fosters

The kitten needed to be tube-fed every few hours, and was given an enema to help ease her distended belly.

The little palm-sized wonder hung in there with all her might while Erica tended to her every whim. After a sleepless night of caring for the youngling, Erica was relieved to find that CB perked up the next day.

sweet kitten fluffShe perked up and latched onto her bottle like a champErica @phillykittylady_fosters

The kitten figured out how to latch onto the bottle and turned into a milk-drinking machine. “She loves being held and is an absolute dream,” Erica shared.

With CB’s newfound strength, she started to use her legs more, honing her walk and coordination.

kitten belly smallAs she grew bigger, her appetite soaredErica @phillykittylady_fosters

Her appetite grew along with her size, her meows becoming louder and more insistent with each passing day. If the bottle wasn’t served in her mouth fast enough, she’d give Erica a gentle nip on the hand.

Over the next two weeks, CB mastered the art of the litter box and started learning to eat solid food, graduating from her trusty bottle.

kitten vocal screamingErica @phillykittylady_fosters

Erica’s resident cats, Forest and Phoebe, came to offer a helping paw, cleaning food residue off her face and letting the kitten nap in their arms.

Almost every time Erica arrived home, she heard screaming welcomes from the tiny kitten, a cacophony of purrs and meows. “She’s been running toward whoever will show her some love.”

sweet kitten big eyesErica @phillykittylady_fosters

When Erica was moving, CB was placed into the care of a new foster family through Paws (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society). She immediately made herself at home, nestling in a blanket fort guarded by her very own snuggle plushie.

Her new foster mom woke up the next day to CB’s sweet morning greetings.

kitten morning greetingsCB greets her foster mom in the morning@cbthekitty

Her eyes were pools of wonder, gazing at her human with curiosity and innocence.

“She is a sweet, playful kitten that is always happy to see you. She loves to play and curl up in your lap,” CB’s foster mom shared.

sweet kitten cuddlyShe gives the best hugs@cbthekitty

“She’s the first to greet me when I walk in the door and the first to climb up in my lap. As much as she loves to play, she loves to cuddle up with her humans.”

CB is about three months old now and ready to find a place of her own.

sleeping happy kitten@cbthekitty

She spends her day playing with other kitties in the house, supervising her foster mom, and eating to her heart’s content.

“She is a small girl with huge eyes and permanent eyeliner. She will do anything for treats and wet food.”

kitten big eyes@cbthekitty

CB continues to greet her people every day with a gentle rub against their legs and a soothing purr – the warmest welcome one could ask for.

happy kitten paws@cbthekitty

Share this story with your friends. More on CB the kitten on Instagram @cbthekitty adoptable through PAWS @phillypaws. Erica’s fosters @phillykittylady_fosters.

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