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Kind People Took on Kitten No One Else Did, So She Could Enjoy Life and Navigate World in Her Adorable Ways

Kind people took on a kitten that no one else did so she could live the good life and navigate her world in her adorable ways.

blind cat whiskersTula the kittenOne Cat at a Time

Late last year, a Good Samaritan found a hungry little tabby in rough shape with severely damaged eyes. She brought the kitten to safety and reached out to the rescue community for help.

No one could take her until Marie, founder of One Cat at a Time (an all-volunteer rescue), saw a post and sprang into action. “We offered to help as the kitten needed veterinary care fast. We welcomed her in and named her Tula,” the rescue shared.

The kitten was about 5-6 weeks old and just skin and bones. Despite it all, she was friendly and affectionate, kneading away on her new blanket.

sweet rescued kittenOne Cat at a Time

Tula needed an enucleation for both eyes but had to wait until she was big enough for surgery.

“She’s such a sweet little kitten. She eats with a good appetite and makes muffins when we pet her. It never ceases to amaze us how resilient and adaptable animals can be.”

sweet kitten kneading blanketShe was happy to have a comfy bed and blankets to knead onOne Cat at a Time

The little one-pounder was delighted to have boundless food and a cozy, warm bed. She started to put on weight and feel better with medication and much-needed rest.

Tula spent much of her waking hours paddling away on her blankets. She purred and meowed with contentment as if she knew she was in good hands.

tabby kitten resilientTula underwent eye surgeryOne Cat at a Time

With the generous support of the community, Tula underwent surgery and received all the care she needed to thrive. She was small but a fighter. What she lacked in size, she made up for in strength and resilience.

Tula quickly adapted to life as a blind kitten. She developed a ravenous appetite, which fueled her unbridled energy, and she became a little mischief-maker.

blind kitten cuddlyShe quickly bounced back and became a cuddle bugOne Cat at a Time

She enjoys playing as much as cuddling, especially lying on her human’s chest. Tula uses her other senses to help her navigate and map out the house.

She’s discovered many napping places around the house, including the top of a cat tree.

blind kitten cat treeShe is fearless and playfulOne Cat at a Time

Tula is a cuddle bug and a brave little soul, always up for an adventure.

The tabby girl has won over every person she’s met at the vet’s office and isn’t shy about demanding cuddles whenever she’s there for a visit.

kitten top cat treeShe found a comfy napping spot on top of a cat treeOne Cat at a Time

She enjoyed spending time with Olivia, a technician assistant at the clinic, crawled under her sweatshirt, and fell asleep while being cuddled.

cat snugglyTula snuggled with Olivia during a vet visitOne Cat at a Time

“When she came to us, she was very frail and thin with two damaged eyes. She deserved to live. Animals are so resilient, and we have a lot to learn from them.

“Tula is blind, but that won’t stop her from having a good life.”

blind cat fluffyTula has blossomed into a gorgeous young catOne Cat at a Time

Tula’s incredible journey has touched the hearts of many people on social media as they watch her blossom from a sickly kitten to a happy, healthy, gorgeous young cat.

happy blind cat bellyHappy and lovedOne Cat at a Time

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