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Gentle Cat Seen Lying on Gravel Decides to Give Home Life a Try After Years of Living in an Alley

A gentle cat found lying on the gravel decided to give home life a try after years of living in an alley.

sweet cat one eyedCoeur de PirateChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Simone passed through an alleyway in a neighborhood when she came across a skinny cream cat lying alone on the gravel.

The cat was in poor shape and so exhausted that he didn’t have the strength to flee. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that the cat had an injured eye, likely due to fights with other community cats.

After talking to the neighbors, she learned that the cat didn’t have a home and had lived in this alley for many years, surviving on the food people put out for strays.

stray cat alleywayHe was found lying alone on the gravel with an injured eyeChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

The cat was so frail that he might not make it much longer and needed intervention.

Simone fetched a carrier and took him to the vet. He was just skin and bones and covered in matted fur. His injured eye couldn’t be salvaged, but his life was spared.

sweet stray cat safeAfter surgery and a complete shave, he nestled on his bed in the recovery roomChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

After an eye surgery and a complete shave, he curled up in his comfy bed in the recovery room, nuzzling against his new blanket. The veterinary team looked after him around the clock and contacted their local animal rescue for help.

Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal received the rescue request and immediately arranged for a foster home.

one eyed catChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

“The one-eyed kitty was named Coeur de Pirate (Heart of Pirate). He was around ten years old. After all the changes, he was a bit scared and lost, but he no longer suffered from pain and was finally eating his fill,” Celine shared.

Once he was well enough to be discharged, Pirate joined his foster family to begin socialization, learning to trust and adjusting to his new life as an indoor cat.

sweet stray cat snugglesHe leaned into his foster mom for petsChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

“He is shy but gentle and sweet towards other cats. After a rough life on the streets, he’s learning to feel safe and that he has an unlimited supply of food and cuddles.”

When Pirate came out to explore his new space, he sniffed around quietly before walking up to his foster mom and leaning into her for pets. He lay on the floor, revealing his belly and basking in the love.

one-eyed cat fluffyChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Pirate is fond of cubby beds or anything resembling a mini cave. They provide a sense of security when he’s nestled inside. He likes to watch the day go by from the comfort of his “cabin” while enjoying a gentle embrace of serenity.

With lots of encouragement from his foster family, he’s started to show interest in toys.

sweet playful one eyed catCaptured on video: He loved playing with a wand toyChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Pirate is fascinated by his wand toy, so much so that he’ll come out of his bed to chase it. He’ll grab it with his teeth and claws and bring his “prize” back into the den. Slowly but surely, his inner kitten is emerging.

“Despite having only one eye, he can see very well and can catch his toys with precision.”

sweet fluffy one-eyed catHe celebrated the holidays in his foster homeChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Coeur de Pirate has come a long way since he was rescued from the alleyway. He’s grown more confident in his comfortable, quiet foster home. Though he’s still afraid of change, he’s coming out of his shell more every day.

“He has put on some much-needed weight. He’s discovered his people are kind and allows them to pet him.”

snuggly cat one eyedHe loves his cubby cat bedChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Thanks to the rescuer, veterinary team, and volunteers, Pirate has blossomed into a beautiful lion cat with food, snuggles, blankets, and toys galore.

“He is a sweet and gentle soul with a permanent wink on his face.”

cat one eye then nowChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

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