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Four Kittens Hail from the Streets and Take Indoor Life by Storm with Their Big Personalities

Four kittens hailed from the streets and took indoor life by storm with their big personalities.

ginger kittens panthers@newkittensontheblock

About a month ago, four kittens aged 4-5 weeks old were rescued by a volunteer of Indy Neighborhood Cats. They were in need of a foster home, and when IndyHumane received a plea for help, Jennifer, a foster volunteer, stepped up to take them.

One of the kittens immediately walked out of the carrier and started exploring around their new space. Two other kittens quickly followed suit. The remaining ginger, Duncan, slept through the entire time and didn’t make a peep.

Shortly after arriving, the kittens warmed up to their foster family and started to seek affection.

kittens snuggles groupJiffy, Betty, Pillsbury and Duncan@newkittensontheblock

“They were surprisingly social already when they arrived. They enjoyed being held and were super playful. The first several days were a bit of a battle getting them to eat and gain weight,” Jennifer told Love Meow.

The sleepy ginger dozed off again in the midst of a nail trim session.

sweet sleeping kitten@newkittensontheblock

The four settled beautifully into their new abode and started zooming around the place like they owned it.

Jennifer soon learned that whenever she entered the room, she would be greeted by a choir of kittens. “They are probably the loudest kittens I’ve ever fostered.”

chatty talking kittensThey are very vocal every time Jennifer comes in the room@newkittensontheblock

“They react like this every time I come in the room. They don’t make a peep when I am not in the room though.”

With the right food, the kittens began to make good gains. As their appetites improved, their mealtime screams grew louder. Breakfast could never be served fast enough for these voracious little eaters.

kitten climbing treePillsbury was honing his climbing skills@newkittensontheblock

With their newfound strength, all four of them started to clamber anything they could lay their paws on.

The ginger brothers, Pillsbury and Duncan, play hard but nap even harder. Jiffy, the fuzziest kitten, is fascinated by the water dish and constantly on the lookout for new antics. Betty, the only girl in the litter, has no trouble keeping up with her brothers.

sweet kittens ginger panther@newkittensontheblock

“They love to run and play with each other and most any toy. They also recently decided my two resident cats aren’t so scary either,” Jennifer shared with Love Meow.

Bodie and Bear, the resident cats, often come to assist with the fosters in exchange for a quick snack at the food station. When the four were ready to socialize, they were a bit unsure at first, puffing up their fur, trying to match the cats’ towering size.

puffy kittens fluffyThe kittens puffed up when they first met the resident cats@newkittensontheblock

The kittens continued to go into “super poof mode” when they saw the resident cats, but they were getting increasingly curious about them.

“They will paw at them through the gate and approach them in the room with their poofy pants on. Betty has actually scared Bodie out of the room with a big hiss at him.”

kitten puffy tail gingerThe poofy tail@newkittensontheblock

Duncan, the most adventurous boy, decided to make the first move to befriend the cats. He sniffed around Bodie until Bodie started grooming him.

He tries to act tough when he plays with the cats, pouncing, flipping and somersaulting in front of them. Some of his siblings have also joined in the fun after watching him.

kitten cat friendsDuncan, the most adventurous one, walked up to Bodie and decided to be his friend@newkittensontheblock

“Pillsbury is usually the first kitten to fall asleep after a play session, sneaking away to catch a nap at the top of the cat tree. Jiffy is always in the middle of the action. He purrs his head off the second you scoop him up. Betty is the sweetest little lady. She’s finally starting to fill out.”

Duncan has won over Bodie and is now on a mission to get Bear to play with him.

kitten playing with catDuncan tried very hard to get Bear to play with him@newkittensontheblock

The kittens are loving their indoor life, living each day to the fullest. They will never have to spend another day outside.

Once they are old enough, they will start looking for a dream home where they will be loved and spoiled endlessly.

sweet kittens happy@newkittensontheblock

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