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Family Opens Home to a Cat Who Has a Hard Time at Animal Shelter and Watches Her Shine Before Their Eyes

A family opened their home to a cat who had a hard time at the animal shelter. They watched her shine before their eyes.

cuddly cat sleepingBaby the catJennifer

A cat named Baby came to the Exploits Valley SPCA, hoping to find a brighter future. The shelter environment was challenging for her. She had a hard time adjusting to other cats and spent the majority of her time in a kennel.

Jennifer, a volunteer of the SPCA, was in town for a week and came to the shelter to pick up a cat who needed a break, a getaway to a comfy foster home.

The snowy white cat jumped at the chance and readied herself in a carrier as Jennifer prepared to take her home.

snow white cat couchJennifer

“Baby is estimated one year old. She doesn’t like other cats and would prefer to be the only spoiled cat in the household,” the SPCA shared.

After exploring her new space, Baby hopped onto Jennifer’s lap and curled into her arms. She paddled her paws on Jennifer as if she was making biscuits. She gave her foster mom an affectionate head bunting for bringing her home.

snuggly cuddly catShortly after arriving, Baby was in Jennifer’s arms, purring and kneading awayJennifer

“Within an hour of her arrival, Baby was already snuggling in our arms, showing her remarkable adaptability and affectionate nature,” Jennifer shared.

The little whiskered visitor quickly made herself home and claimed every lap in the house. There wasn’t a moment when Jennifer was on the couch without Baby on her shoulder, in her arms, or sprawled out on her lap.

cuddly cat loveyJennifer

“Baby’s love language is touch, and she expresses it by being the cuddliest cat you’ll ever meet. Watch in delight as she ‘makes biscuits’ in the air, kneading with an invisible dough, a sign of her contentment and trust.”

Whenever Baby reluctantly leaves a cozy lap or searches for her favorite toy, she lets out a playful grunt, her unique way of expressing her thoughts.

cat office supervisorJennifer

“She’s a playful spirit, always ready to engage in a game or two, and when she’s done, she’ll seek the comfort of your lap or the cradle of your arms.”

Jennifer and her family were on a mission to get Baby adopted before they had to leave town. In a foster home, Baby came into her true self and shone as the only feline in the household.

cat snuggly shoulder warmerJennifer

As the week drew to a close, they hadn’t received an application, and their hearts grew heavy at the thought of Baby returning to the shelter.

They never stopped sharing about Baby, hoping a special someone would notice her and fall in love with her as much as they did.

cat massages back cuteJennifer

On the last day in foster care, Baby still hadn’t received much interest.

Jennifer and Sarah from the SPCA were shocked but didn’t let it deter them and continued their search so Baby wouldn’t have to relive the kennel days.

cat neck warmer sleepingJennifer

Today, that wish came true. Just hours ago, Baby was adopted by a wonderful family who fell head over heels for the sweet girl.

Baby will have forever humans to cozy up with every day and to love and spoil her endlessly.

snuggly cat cuteJennifer

“She’s a wonderful companion, a lap warmer, and a heart healer. She’s not just a cat; she’s a ray of sunshine.”

Fostering saves lives, and Baby is now headed to the bright future she’s always wanted.

sleeping lap catJennifer

Share this story with your friends. More cats like Baby at Exploits Valley SPCA on Facebook and their YouTube Channel @BirdieWorld382.

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