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Family and Their Cat Change Everything for Little 4-week-old Kitten in a World He Cannot See

A family and their cat changed everything for a little 4-week-old kitten in a world he could not see.

blind kitten cat best friendsWaffles and StevieJamie Myers

A 4-week-old kitten was brought into SpokAnimal with extremely infected eyes that were beyond saving. He was rushed to the Animal Emergency Clinic for an enucleation.

The surgery was quite an undertaking for a kitten of his size. He came out with stitches but didn’t let them bother him. Jamie Myers who volunteers for SpokAnimal, offered to foster the kitten, so he could heal in a comfortable, love-filled environment.

The moment she set eyes on the kitten, she was smitten to bits. “He was instantly my whole heart,” Jamie told Love Meow.

blind kitten snugglesJamie Myers

The kitten lovingly named Stevie was a bit shy and reserved for the first two days. “He didn’t want to eat or drink much, and I had to syringe-feed him to keep him hydrated.”

Once Stevie started eating well on the third day, he perked up and sought affection and snuggles with his newfound strength.

ginger kitten baby carrierStevie enjoys being carried aroundJamie Myers

“I wear him in a baby carrier on my chest, so he can always be close to me when he wants to sleep. The level of trust he has for me is amazing,” Jamie added.

“He wanted to live and I made sure he had every opportunity once he was in my arms.”

sweet blind kitten stevieHe figured out how to navigate with his other sensesJamie Myers

Stevie gained a ravenous appetite with his favorite mix of food, and began making good gains. “I went from weighing him on my gram scale four times a day, to not at all.”

As Stevie became more playful and curious, he started using other senses to help him navigate. “He’s not shy about going out of his comfort zone and happily walks around any area we put him in.”

blind kitten strollerHe loves adventures with his peopleJamie Myers

When he was introduced to three other fosters and a resident cat named Prince Waffles, he quickly realized that he could follow them on their heels to check out the world around him.

As Stevie became more confident with his surroundings, his feisty side emerged. He’d pounce or swipe at any noisy toy and wrestle with a plushie the size of his body. He’d climb onto Jamie’s shoulders for some respite between play sessions.

blind kitten snuggles catStevie is enamored with Waffles the resident catJamie Myers

“He can hear and sense where toys are and goes after them. Attacking my toes is one of his favorite things, along with playing with his noisy birdy.”

Stevie adores every kitty he’s come across, but one of them has stolen his heart.

kitten cat snugglesThey have become best friendsJamie Myers

Waffles instantly took a liking to the blind kitten and let him cuddle next to him and seek solace in his fur. They quickly became kindred spirits.

After playing his heart out, Stevie will seek Waffles out for a nap. Being close to him or pressing his face against his soft coat makes him the happiest kitty in the world.

kitten cat snuggling sleepingJamie Myers

Before long, Stevie has wriggled his way into the hearts of the whole family, and they can’t separate him from his best friend. “I knew from the moment I saw him that we were his forever family,” Jamie told Love Meow.

“The folks at SpokAnimal gave him life. They are the real heroes in his story.”

blind kitten cat snuggling bedThey share a bed togetherJamie Myers

Three days ago, Stevie was finally stitch free. He clambered onto his mom’s shoulders and whispered and purred into her ears as if to thank her for changing his life.

shoulder blind kittenStevie is stitch freeJamie Myers

Waffles has been Stevie’s biggest cheerleader, and they will be brothers forever. They play and snuggle together and are tuckered out in their bed as the perfect duo.

blind kitten cat snuggles friendsJamie Myers

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