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Couple Went to Shelter Just to ‘Look at’ a Cat with Enormous Cheeks, It Turned Out to Be So Much More

A couple went to the shelter thinking they were only going to “look at” a cat with enormous cheeks. It turned out to be so much more.

stray cat cheeksGrizzly (now Mr. Jenkins)Lollypop Farm

A stray cat was found in rough shape, suspected to have been in a car accident. He was brought into Lollypop Farm for help.

The cat named Grizzly was estimated to be around 10 years old and had spent most of his life in the outdoors. “On top of the injuries he sustained from the accident, he had an upper respiratory infection, needed teeth pulled, and had other minor issues,” Lollypop Farm shared with Love Meow.

He looked weary and his face showed signs of years of braving the streets. He was very shy and quiet upon arriving, but despite it all, he was sweet-natured.

stray cat shelterHe was found outside in rough shapeLollypop Farm

Grizzly went on to make a full recovery in foster care. He put on some healthy weight and gained energy. His adorably big cheeks remained. In order to help increase his chances of finding a good home, Grizzly joined the other cats and kittens in the adoption area.

He was quickly overshadowed by the outgoing kitties as he quietly curled up in his bed and stayed out of sight from visitors. Staff and volunteers often came to hang out with him, and they knew Grizzly just needed a quiet place and a warm lap for him to shine.

cat cheeks sweet shelterLollypop Farm

Around that time, Amber was browsing the shelter’s page, checking out animals as something she does “on a rainy day”, without the intention to adopt.

“One cat immediately caught my attention. He had the biggest cheeks and eyes that could tell a lifetime of stories. I just knew we had to meet him,” Amber shared with Love Meow.

Dan, Amber’s boyfriend, wasn’t much of a cat person but agreed to go to the shelter just to “look”.

sweet lap catHe loves making “biscuits” and sitting on a warm lapLollypop Farm

The couple arrived and searched all over for Grizzly at the shelter. “There he was laying up high on a window perch fast asleep while all the young kitties greeted us wanting so much attention.”

Grizzly seemed tired and continued napping while the couple tried to talk to him. A kind staff member opened his area to allow them to interact.

sweet cat cheeksLollypop Farm

When Grizzly turned his head to look at Amber and Dan, it was love at first sight. The couple couldn’t bear leaving him and immediately agreed to do a trial to see how it would work out. Deep down, they knew he was the one.

“Getting Grizzly home was a breeze. He didn’t seem to mind the car ride in his carrier and fell fast asleep along the way. We quickly found out taking naps was his speciality,” Amber shared.

happy sleeping cat homeLollypop Farm

They set up a comfortable room for Grizzly with multiple litter boxes, his favorite food, various toys, soft things, and his very own throne (personal couch).

“We took turns going in one at a time to give him treats and show him how happy we were that he was there.” It didn’t take long for Grizzly to realize that he was where he belonged.

sweet cat tabby cheeksLollypop Farm

“He fit in perfectly here and won both of our hearts. He jumped into our laps or up on our chest to lay. He is the most loving, attention-seeking, vocal and sweetest companion we have ever seen.

“We like to say he has the personality of million cats wrapped into one. He gives us actual hugs with his paws. He became attached at our hips and a permanent staple of our family.”

cat cheeks snugglyMr. Jenkins loves his peopleLollypop Farm

Grizzly, now Mr. Jenkins, beams sunshine into the couple’s lives. He greets them every day with his snuggly cheeks and generous hugs. He is very punctual about mealtime and likes to ask for pets on demand.

“He is now on a routine schedule, and if we miss a beat he gently reminds us.”

cuddly cat tabbyHe gives big hugsLollypop Farm

“We fell in love with a cat that we thought we were only going to ‘look at’, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are forever thankful to Lollypop Farm. They completed our family.

“Mr. Jenkins never has to worry about where his home is going to be again, because it’s right here with us, forever.”

sleeping cat tabbyLollypop Farm

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