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Couple Finds Lonely Cat in Neighborhood, After Trying to Gain Trust for Months, the Cat is Ready for Change

A couple found a lonely cat in their neighborhood. After months of trying to win him over, the cat was finally ready for change.

stray cat porchJasper the catKurt and Mel

Kurt and Mel noticed a beige cat wandering into their yard last summer. He was all alone with scars on his ears.

The couple had been helping and feeding local strays but had never seen this cat before. They began leaving more food on the patio and hoped he would return.

The cat was pleased to secure sustenance at the couple’s house. He devoured all that he could and came back regularly for more nourishment.

stray cat yardHe wandered into a yard for food and kept coming backKurt and Mel

For a while, he was wary and maintained a distance from the couple. With time and patience, he grew more comfortable to hang out and snooze in their yard.

Slowly, he made his way to the patio and lounged by the window or in the shelter that the couple had built for community cats.

stray cat foodThe couple tried to gain his trustKurt and Mel

Once his guarded gaze softened, the couple approached him slowly at feeding time, trying to gain his trust. They opened his favorite can of food before him as he watched attentively from the stairs.

The cat named Jasper began to warm up to the couple. When they offered treats from their hands, he was still shy but couldn’t resist the gesture.

stray cat foodKurt and Mel

When fall came around, Jasper’s visits dwindled. There was no sign of him until he returned one day with wounds on his body, likely from brawls with other street cats.

They found out that Jasper didn’t have a home, and no one came to claim him.

stray cat jasperHe returned one day with wounds on his bodyKurt and Mel

As temperatures continued to drop, his condition began to decline. The couple knew that they had to intervene and bring him inside.

They set up a humane trap with smelly food to entice the cat and waited patiently that evening.

stray cat winter feedingThe temperatures dropped in the areaKurt and Mel

Jasper was too hungry and cold to continue living on the streets. It didn’t take long for him to walk into the trap as if he was ready to accept help.

Once the door shut behind him, the couple cheered as his days as a stray were over.

stray cat rescueThe couple set up a humane trap and tried to bring him insideKurt and Mel

“He was finally safe right before Christmas. Jasper was put in a quiet room where he slept warm and comfortable,” Celine of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared.

“He was exhausted and a bit lost with all the changes, but eventually, he allowed himself to relax.”

stray cat in carrierJasper was finally safeChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Volunteers of Chatons Orphelins Montreal took Jasper to the vet where they found traces of old wounds. He was treated, tested, and vetted. They weren’t surprised to discover he was FIV+ after a rough life outdoors.

When Jasper realized he was in good hands, he began to seek affection. At the vet clinic, he stuck his paw out of the carrier, quietly asking for attention.

sweet affectionate catHe began to seek affectionChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

“He went to his foster home and quickly regained strength. He started to purr and was happy to have someone to look after him.”

Jasper, around five years old, has come out of his shell. He loves head and chin scratches. “It is obvious that he had a family a long time ago but was abandoned outside to fend for himself.”

sweet stray catHe has a cat condo to himself at his foster homeChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

He enjoys the company of his people and likes to cozy up in his cat condo when he needs personal space. He now greets his foster family by rolling around on his blanket, purring up a storm.

happy cream catHe rolls around happily when he sees his foster familyChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

“Jasper is sweet and gentle. He likes to curl up on the windowsill and bask in the sun. He’s survived the streets. He’ll be loved and spoiled from here on out.”

sweet cat window sunJasper loves hanging out on the windowsill with his catnip toy, basking in the sunChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

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