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Cat with Big Paws Becomes the Most Gentle Soul When Kind People Save His Life, Now Living Like a True Prince

A cat with big paws became the most gentle soul when kind people saved his life. Now, he’s living like a true prince.

highland lynx, maine coon catBarnabe the catCelineCrom

A 4-year-old polydactyl cat with curled ears was brought into a veterinary clinic when his owners no longer wanted him. He had trouble pottying due to a urinary obstruction. When the veterinarian suggested surgery, the owners refused.

Jade, a veterinary technician, offered to take him on, and the owners agreed to surrender the cat. The staff got right to work and were able to pinpoint the issues and start treating him.

Hoping to find the cat the best care, Jade contacted Chatons Orphelins Montreal, an animal rescue, for help.

rescued cat fluffyHe was rescued by a veterinary teamChatonsOrphelins Montreal

The rescue immediately arranged for medical care and a foster family to look after the cat. “Jade volunteered to bring him to us in Montreal on a 2-hour drive. We named him Barnabe,” Celine Crom of the rescue shared.

Barnabe had a heart murmur and had been on a poor diet for a long time. With his blockage resolved, his life was spared, and he was finally pain-free and could start using the litter box again as he healed.

fluffy cat carrierCelineCrom

He was put on a new diet and settled into a comfortable, quiet room where he could nap all day. “It took a village to make this all possible.”

After two weeks of recovery, Barnabe was like a new cat with improved appetite and increased energy levels.

fluffy cat paws, curled ears catBarnabe received proper treatment which saved his lifeCelineCrom

“He was timid around other cats and would stay in a corner to hide from them. He likes to be the only prince in the house and the center of attention.”

Barnabe is a gentle soul with large mittens. He likes to take his time in everything he does.

fluffy cat highland lynxHe has large paws, extra toes, and curled earsCelineCrom

Even after everything he’s endured, Barnabe continues to be sweet-natured and has started to enjoy the little things in life.

“He is a big boy but fragile and needs a special diet to help him stay on track. His life will be filled with love and joy from here on out.”

fluffy cat curled earsCelineCrom

Barnabe relishes the quietness of his home and the company of his people when lounging on a comfy couch.

“He likes to watch everything we do and look us in the eye like a little inspector. He needs some encouragement when he plays, such as toys with catnip.”

fluffy cat curled earsHe likes his new catnip infused toyCelineCrom

“If we are late to his feeding, he will make little meows to remind us of the time and do it so gentlemanly.”

Barnabe loves his scratching pad, exercising his large paws (and thumbs) and rubbing his face against it.

fluffy cat scratching padCelineCrom

With a comfortable home, loving humans, and great care, Barnabe has finally become his true self.

He hops on furniture and explores new heights with his newfound confidence. He has taken a real liking to his “feline entertainment system” by the window.

fluffy cat curled earsBarnabe loves his princely throneCelineCrom

“A large cat tree or a basket by the window brings him great joy. He likes to spy on birds and neighbors out the window like a little owl.”

Barnabe has found a few of his favorite vantage points around the house, surveying his kingdom like a true prince.

sweet fluffy cat curled earsHe’s become a true princeCelineCrom

Thanks to the veterinary staff that never gave up on him, Barnabe gets to kick back and relax on his throne, watching the day go by.

cat curled ears toyCelineCrom

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