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Cat Wandered to a House, Before Homeowners Could Get Her Help They Found Five Kittens on Their Porch

A cat wandered to a house, and before homeowners could get her help, they found five kittens on their porch.

cat mom kittens snugglesMacarena and her kittensCoastalBendCatRescue

Right before Thanksgiving, a gray cat showed up outside a house looking for help. The homeowners noticed she was heavily pregnant and made a makeshift shelter with a box and blankets to keep her warm and comfortable.

They were about to head out on vacation but couldn’t leave the cat without finding her a safe haven. A few hours after they emailed Coastal Bend Cat Rescue for help, they discovered five tiny additions nestling against the cat on their porch.

“Before we could even answer the email, the finder emailed again that she had come home from errands to a much skinnier mama and five tiny babies,” Coastal Bend Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

gray cat mother nursing kittensCoastalBendCatRescue

“We went over immediately to pick up the mom (Macarena) and her newborns. Mama Macarena was so happy to be safe and out of the cold.”

Macarena was petite like a kitten herself. She dove into mommy duties and worked tirelessly around the clock to keep her demanding five fed and clean.

newborn kittens calicoCoastalBendCatRescue

She quickly warmed up to her foster mom and became so affectionate that she would drop everything for attention and pets.

“She took great care of the babies but always left them immediately to get scratches and cuddles when her foster mom came in the room.”

cat nursing kittensCoastalBendCatRescue

Over the following weeks, Macarena watched as her kittens, Cotton Eye Joe, Hokey Pokey, Hustle, Cha Cha Slide, and Conga, blossomed into boisterous bundles of joy.

They whirled and weaved around the place with unbridled energy, kept their mom on her toes, and swarmed their foster mom for lap snuggles.

playful snuggly kittensCoastalBendCatRescue

“The babies were adorable chunky wiggle worms from the start and grew to be happy, playful, confident kittens.”

When the litter of five was weaned and became more independent, Macarena loosened her reins and devoted more time to herself and being with her people.

cat nursing kittens sweetCoastalBendCatRescue

The rambunctious five romped around the room and bounced off furniture and each other, leaving dust bunnies in their wake and causing a playful ruckus.

“It was always a party in the foster room.”

calico tortie kittens sweetCoastalBendCatRescue

“Cotton Eye Joe is always ready for adventure and chaos. Hokey Pokey likes to think things through and proceed at a slow and steady pace. Conga would be happy living a life where she can eat and lounge with some occasional scritches.

“Cha Cha Slide has the cutest freckles on her nose and a perky personality to match. And Hustle is a whirling dervish of tortitude, always in motion.”

lap kitten tuxedo catCoastalBendCatRescue

When the kittens were ready to spread their wings and embark on their next adventure, Macarena was spayed and began counting down the days until she became the center of attention of a loving family.

She adores nothing more than to be with her people 24/7 and shower them with purrs and snuggles.

gray cat sweetCoastalBendCatRescue

With the help of many volunteers from Coastal Bend Cat Rescue and The Cattery Cat Shelter, the feline family of six is off to their forever homes where they’ll be cherished and spoiled endlessly.

cat mom snuggling kittenCoastalBendCatRescue

“They danced their way into our hearts and were so fun to have in foster care. We are so thankful that we had the resources to get this sweet family inside and warm.”

kittens cute tortieCoastalBendCatRescue

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