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Cat Tries His Hardest to Get People to Notice Him After Waiting Almost 500 Days for a Home

A cat tries his hardest to get people to notice him after waiting almost 500 days for a home.

sweet cat happyCary Grant the catAlley Cat Rescue

A buff tabby cat named Cary Grant was confused and lost when he first arrived at Alley Cat Rescue. His owner who had had him for most of his life, passed away in her 90s.

Kind people took him into their care and helped him gain confidence. Cary was very shy at first, but with time, he slowly came out of his shell and warmed up to his carers.

“He has been with us, waiting for an adopter for a long time,” Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

cute cat big eyesCary was a bit shy when he first arrived. Slowly but surely, he started to gain confidenceAlley Cat Rescue

Cary opened up a bit each day in his new space and began to show affection to those who cared for him. He would seek head scratches from them and even nudge them for more.

It took a bit of time and patience for Cary to realize that new people aren’t so bad, but he was immediately friendly with other cats and enjoyed their company upon first meeting.

cat friendsCary quickly got along with other cats in the house, and they helped him learn to be braveAlley Cat Rescue

His feline friends helped him learn to be brave as Cary watched them interact with people and play with toys. With their encouragement, his adventurous and playful side emerged, and he took the throne atop the cat tree.

“He’s got a gentle personality and does enjoy playing with toys,” the rescue shared with Love Meow.

sweet cat treeCary found a nice perching spot to survey the roomAlley Cat Rescue

Cary has turned out to be a sweet gentleman who has so much to give. Whenever he is petted, he will lean into his people, trying to immerse himself in all the love until he’s lying almost sideways on the floor, purring up a storm.

He yearns for the attention from a special someone, just like the old days when he sat next to his person as the perfect companion.

sweet cat happyCary adores affection and loves head and neck scratchesAlley Cat Rescue

“He responds to soft voices and his favorite thing is head and neck scratches. When he gives sweet, gentle head butts, that’s usually what he’s asking for.”

With the help of volunteers and feline friends, Cary has worked up the courage to ask for affection whenever he gets the chance.

sweet affectionate catHe will melt into his person’s hand every time he is pettedAlley Cat Rescue

He likes to rub his face against his people to get them to notice him or pet him. Once he gets what he wants, he’ll close his eyes, switch on his purr motor and melt into a puddle.

Month after month, Cary has patiently waited for a loving family to come find him. It’s been nearly 500 days since he started this journey.

ginger cat caryAlley Cat Rescue

“His photos and videos on social media always get lots of attention because he is such an adorable guy, yet very few people have inquired about him.”

Cary has come a long way since he arrived as a shy, confused cat. He has found his confidence and doesn’t hesitate to ask for affection.

sweet cat caryAlley Cat Rescue

He is the happiest boy when he has someone to dote on him and to spend time with. “He’s also a sucker for treats.”

cat cary snugglyAlley Cat Rescue

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