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Cat Spent Months Living from Yard to Yard, Soon After Moving Indoors She Has Kittens by Her Side

A cat spent months living from yard to yard. Soon after moving indoors, she had kittens by her side.

cat calico nursing kittensAmbria and her kittensEllen Richter

A beautiful calico cat found herself wandering around a neighborhood after she was abandoned by her previous owners last year. She walked up to people for attention and food and was social and outgoing.

For months, she was living in neighbors’ yards, relying on the kindness of others to survive. When they found out she was pregnant, they reached out to their local rescue, Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions, and brought her to safety.

The cat was transported to a foster home where she would have a quiet room and never have to worry about her next meal.

calico cat homeShe was living in neighbors’ yards before she was rescuedEllen Richter

Ellen Richter, a volunteer of the rescue, prepared a cozy nest, warm blankets, and a litter box with a bit of outdoor dirt mixed in. “I use this trick with cats that have been living outside, and it works quickly.”

The cat named Ambria was pleased with her accommodations. She plopped down on the floor and leaned into her foster mom for head scratches.

calico cat snugglesEllen Richter

“She had a family at one point with regular meals and lots of affection, and then one day, it was all gone. I think she finally feels safe.”

As her due date approached, Ambria grew increasingly affectionate, rubbing her face against her people and all the furniture. After eating to her heart’s content, she sat beside her foster mom, basking in her company.

calico cat belly pregnantEllen Richter

“She’s having a great time being treated like a queen. She’s getting bigger and bigger.”

After about a week in foster care, Ambria began rearranging her blankets and moving them into her nesting box. Three days later, Ellen walked into the room and found two tiny kittens nestling on Mama’s belly.

cat calico nursing kittensEllen Richter

By the end of the day, Ambria gave birth to four kittens, but one of them sadly didn’t make it. The rest of the litter latched on and began to thrive.

“Mama Ambria is doing amazing, and her remaining three babies are nursing and appear very healthy.”

newborn kittens nursingEllen Richter

She is protective of her babies, attending to their every whim. The moment one of them lets out a cry, she comes hovering, making sure the baby is okay.

When Ambria wants a break, she jumps on Ellen’s lap and headbutts her for pets. She is never far from her kittens, watching over them every step of the way.

grateful calico cat snugglesEllen Richter

“She’s taking great care of them. Our daily struggle is trying to change the blankets, and she only wants to plop down and snuggle her littles.”

The kittens nurse vigorously until their bellies are filled to the brim, and they drift off to sleep in their mom’s loving arms. In just a few days, each of them has grown a rotund belly, and the ginger and white kitten is the loudest squeaker.

cat mom calico kittensEllen Richter

In two weeks, the kittens’ eyes will open, and they will start waddling and rolling around in their nest. Ambria is raising her last litter in a comfortable home and will never have to worry about food and shelter.

sweet cat nursing kittensEllen Richter

She is so grateful to be indoors with her precious three, knowing they are safe and loved.

beautiful calico catEllen Richter

Share this story with your friends. More on the feline family and Ellen’s fosters on Instagram and Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions on Instagram.

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