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Cat Seen Sitting on Air Conditioner off the Side of a Building for Days, Now His Life is Completely Changed

A cat was seen sitting on an air conditioner off the side of a building for days. Now, his life is completely changed.

cute cat big pawsMambo the catLittleWanderersNYC

Late last month, an orange and white cat was found in a precarious situation off the side of a residential building.

The cat reportedly fell from the fifth floor and ended up on an air conditioner. He was petrified and trapped for several days.

There had been attempts to rescue the cat but to no avail. When Little Wanderers NYC, a local animal rescue, received a plea for help, they leaped into action.

cat stuck air conditionerHe was found on top of an air conditioner in a residential areaLittleWanderersNYC

“We had received an urgent request to go help a cat stuck on top of an air conditioner for six days,” Little Wanderers NYC shared. “The NYPD had even come to help with no success. Our volunteer organizations ran to the rescue.”

Nora, who volunteers for Little Wanderers NYC, and John DeBacker, an experienced animal rescuer, geared up and rushed to the location.

cat rescue buildingVolunteer animal rescuers brought Mambo to safetyLittleWanderersNYC

With a ladder, gloves, plenty of treats, and boundless patience, they brought the frightened cat to safety. “This cat was full of adrenaline and actually fell two floors after John climbed up the ladder–we got him anyway.”

The cat was hungry, exhausted, and terrified, hissing and spitting after the long ordeal.

scared cat hissingHe was very scared, exhausted, and hungry after the long ordealLittleWanderersNYC

He desperately needed a foster home where he could feel safe. After receiving some fluids and food to nourish his body, he began to relax.

“We weren’t sure what his temperament was, but we took a chance, and we are so glad we did.”

cat orange white mamboHe began to relax when he realized he was safeLittleWanderersNYC

They lovingly named the tabby cat Mambo, took him to an animal hospital, and had him fully vetted and neutered.

Mambo was on the mend with a full belly and a soft bed and started to warm up to people. A foster family opened their home to him so he could start a new chapter in a comfortable haven.

sweet cat orange tabbyThey took a chance on him, and he adjusted beautifully to indoor lifeLittleWanderersNYC

Without worrying about food and shelter, Mambo came out of his shell, and his true personality started to shine. Behind that fearful exterior lay an affectionate, loving soul.

As Mambo worked up his courage to trust, he no longer tucked his tail between his legs, and the wariness in his eyes melted away.

sweet cat bed snugglesMambo came out of his shell and became a snuggle bugLittleWanderersNYC

Within a week, Mambo adjusted beautifully to his foster home and started seeking affection from his humans.

He likes to roll on his back, revealing his fluffy belly and inviting his people to rub it. “He’s so exceptionally friendly. He’s a keeper.”

cat belly rubsHe enjoys getting belly rubsLittleWanderersNYC

“He’s being fostered by one of our long-time followers, and he will be up for adoption soon.”

Mambo has come a long way since he was found in a challenging situation. Now, he curls beside his foster family on the bed or the couch, always ready for a cuddle.

friendly affectionate catHe loves to cuddle with his foster familyLittleWanderersNYC

The sweet tabby has blossomed into a full-fledged snuggle bug in the warmth of his indoor sanctuary, where belly rubs and ear scratches are the routine.

sweet cat big pawsHappy and lovedLittleWanderersNYC

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