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Cat Overlooked for Almost a Year at Animal Shelter Until Perfect Family Came for Him, He Couldn’t Be Happier

A cat was overlooked for almost a year at an animal shelter until the perfect family came for him. Now, he couldn’t be happier.

sweet shelter cat snugglyLuka the catExploitsValleySPCA

Luka, a tuxedo cat with an exclamation mark on his nose, came to the Exploits Valley SPCA when he was seven months old. He was immediately friendly towards people and started mingling with other shelter cats, playing and snuggling with them.

“Luka is, bar none, one of the best cats on the planet Earth. He wants nothing more than to be loved and give love. He’s constantly cuddling or head-butting the other boys (his feline roommates),” the SPCA shared.

Despite his endearing personality and the joy he brought to everyone, his stay at the shelter turned into months.

tuxedo cat dapperExploitsValleySPCA

After ten months with little interest, shelter staff continued to post about Luka on social media, hoping it would reach the right family. “A lot of people think black cats are the hardest to find homes for, but statistically, it’s black and white cats.”

By then, Luka was one and a half years old. He’d befriended many new arrivals at the shelter and watched others depart for their forever homes.

tuxedo cat friendsExploitsValleySPCA

“Sometimes, cats are in the shelter for long periods of time, and we don’t understand why. Then, this absolutely perfect home comes along, and it all makes sense. That has to be the case for this guy.”

After over 330 days, an application for Luka came in, and it turned out to be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

tuxedo cat roommatesLuka and his feline roommatesExploitsValleySPCA

“He is such a nice cat, and we couldn’t figure out why he kept being overlooked. Now, we know he was waiting for Paula.”

Less than two years ago, Paula lost her beloved cats of 15 years. She was heartbroken and vowed never to have cats again. Six months later, she stopped at a local rescue to donate food when she met a beautiful calico named Chole, who stole her heart.

sweet shelter cat snugglingLuka and his forever mom PaulaExploitsValleySPCA

“I’ve had Chole for a little over a year now, but I had this voice inside my head that said there’s another baby out there who needs a mommy,” Paula shared.

She regularly follows the SPCA on Facebook and has fawned over the pictures and stories of their rescued animals. “However, when I saw Luka’s face, my heart fluttered. I just knew he was coming home with me.”

tuxedo cat snugglingIt was love at first sightExploitsValleySPCA

On the day of their meet-and-greet, Paula held Luka in her arms, and he instantly leaned into her as if they had known each other their whole lives. “It was love at first sight.”

Luka quickly settled into his new home with Paula and Chole, assumed his role as the food detective in the kitchen, and insisted on inspecting his mom’s meals.

tuxedo cat fridgeLuka the food detectivePaula at Instagram/wideeyedgal

Whenever Paula opens the fridge door, Luka sprints over and goes through the contents like a true detective.

At first, Chole wasn’t very excited about the newcomer, but Luka was obsessed with her. He was eager to win her over, zooming across the room by himself while she watched, trying to invite her to play.

tuxedo cat calicoLuka is obsessed with Chole the calicoPaula at Instagram/wideeyedgal

“His sole purpose is to make Chole his friend. He’s very determined.”

He followed Chole into the kitchen, onto the countertop, and lounged on the couch with her. He gave her space and waited for her to accept him.

cats on countertopChole and LukaPaula at Instagram/wideeyedgal

After many attempts to charm her, one day, Luka hopped on the couch to be next to her and gave her a bath. “I never thought Chole would ever allow him to groom her, but she did until he decided to go ninja on her.”

cats friends groomingLuka gave Chole a bathPaula

Luka has found his favorite place to nap on Paula’s lap. After nearly one year of waiting at the shelter, he’s living the dream life he’s always wanted.

silly tuxedo catLuka loves to play and sit on his mom’s lapPaula

“It just goes to show you can’t give up on these cats. ‘Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end,'” the SPCA shared.

tuxedo cat handsomeHappy and lovedPaula

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