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Cat Made Beautiful Transformation Months After He was Saved from the Streets, Now Ready for Forever Home

A cat made a beautiful transformation nine months after he was saved from the streets. Now, he’s ready for his forever home.

sweet cat earsBlizzard the catAllie

A cat with a cauliflower ear had been living outside for a while. The streets had been hard on him. A resident started feeding him, noticed his declining health, and brought him to the vet.

He had patches of missing fur all over his body due to a skin condition and desperately needed treatment and placement. “The vet called us to see if we could help. Luckily, his foster mom said yes right away,” Sara Sharp, founder of Community Cat Club, shared with Love Meow.

He was reportedly left outside when his former family moved away. “He needed lots of TLC when we first got him.”

rescued cat streetsHe was found on the streets in poor shapeCommunityCatClub

The cat, lovingly named Blizzard, began his healing journey in his foster home. He was a bit reserved upon arrival, shying away in the carrier until his foster mom, Allie, assured him with gentle pets on his chin.

He was sweet and receptive to touch, melting into Allie’s hand as if he knew he was safe with her.

rescued cat foster homeBlizzard arrived at his foster homeAllie

He filled the room with his contented rumble, lying beside his foster mom and basking in the love.

Allie worked closely with the veterinarian to determine what worked best for the cat. With daily treatment, medications, and TLC, she began to see progress in Blizzard and eventually got him back on track.

sweet cat rescueHe warmed up to his foster mom and started following her aroundAllie

“Once he started feeling better, his personality sure came out,” Allie shared.

Blizzard perked up when he no longer felt pain or discomfort. With an increased appetite, he put on much-needed weight and gained plenty of strength.

sweet cat earsWith good food and care, he started to healAllie

Blizzard began shadowing his foster mom around the room with a spring in his step, always ready to offer a cuddle.

He became curious about his surroundings, drawn to the soft blankets and beds, and started showing interest in toys. He grew so fond of cuddling that he would seek it out whenever he could.

friendly sweet cat blizzardOnce he felt better, his personality began to shine Allie

“He even can be the best kind of bossy with his chirps and meows that seem to tell you exactly what he wants.”

After a few months of recovery, his skin healed up nicely, his eyes were clear and bright, his fur grew back soft and gleaming, and his energy levels soared.

sweet cat blizzardHe enjoys snuggle time with his peopleAllie

Blizzard has blossomed into a certified teddy bear who loves nothing more than being cradled in his people’s arms. He enjoys napping with them on their bed and getting ear and chin scritches.

He’s met a few foster friends and taken them under his wing like a loving big brother.

cuddly cat blizzardAllie

Blizzard is now on a special diet for skin sensitivities and gets medications as needed. After nine months in foster care, he’s more than ready to find a kingdom of his own.

“Since intake, he has been the sweetest boy. He loves to cuddle and wants attention all the time. He gets along with cats and loves everyone he meets.”

cuddly cat blizzard happyHe has blossomed into a cuddle bugAllie

“We are so happy for a lucky family to take him into their home and for Blizzard to be loved endlessly because he sure deserves it.”

happy cat fireplace snugglyHe loves soft things and warm placesAllie

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