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Cat Had One Kitten Then a Second the Next Day, 6 Weeks Later She Took in a Tiny Newborn Found in Grassy Yard

A cat had one kitten then a second the next day. Six weeks later, she took in a tiny newborn found in a grassy yard.

sweet cat nursing kittensRoo the cat and her kittensDorsetRescueKittens

A stray cat was found pregnant and in urgent need of a safe haven. A Good Samaritan took her in and reached out to her cat rescue for help.

A volunteer driver of Dorset Rescue Kittens responded to the request and transported the expectant mom to the rescue in a 3-hour ride. Shortly after arriving, the cat named Roo gave birth to a kitten. For the rest of the day, there were no other arrivals.

“We thought she only had one baking in the oven, and we moved her into a foster home,” Cherise of Dorset Rescue Kittens shared with Love Meow.

cat nursing tabby kittensRoo gave birth to two kittens over two daysDorsetRescueKittens

“The next morning, her foster mom woke up and found that a second kitten had been born overnight.”

The second baby, Boomer, immediately started nursing alongside his brother, Joey. “Even though Boomer was second born, he’s definitely the heavy weight.”

cat sweet nursing kittensRoo and her kittens, Boomer and JoeyDorsetRescueKittens

Roo was a wonderful mother to her precious duo. She kept them well fed and immaculately clean. Over the next few weeks, the kittens grew by leaps and bounds, figured out their surroundings and crossed several milestones with flying colors.

When the kittens were six weeks old, a tiny 1-2 day-old neonate came into the rescue, desperately needing round-the-clock care.

tiny newborn kitten tabbyCoral the kittenDorsetRescueKittens

She was found in the middle of a grassy yard without a mother in sight. The finders scoured the area for other kittens and waited for the cat mom to return, but to no avail.

“They couldn’t find anyone, so they brought the kitten to the rescue. Time is critical with a neonate, and they did everything right to keep her warm and safe until placing her into our care.”

sweet tabby newborn kittenShe was found all by herself in a grassy yardDorsetRescueKittens

The kitten named Coral latched onto her bottle and was a strong eater from the start. Despite her rough beginning, she showed an amazing will to live and was the epitome of “tiny but mighty”.

Meanwhile, Roo’s own kittens were starting to wean, but the cat mom still had a plentiful supply of milk.

cat nursing orphan kittenRoo took Coral in and started caring for her as her ownDorsetRescueKittens

The rescue decided to introduce Coral to Roo, so the baby tabby could receive a mother’s love and care that she yearned for.

Roo accepted Coral right away and let her nurse to her heart’s content. Within two days, Roo fully took over motherly duties, all the while showering the kitten with unconditional love.

cat nursing tabby kittenDorsetRescueKittens

The feline brothers instantly took to the new kitten on the block, as if she had always been part of their crew.

Despite being the tiniest of the trio, Coral is able to keep up with her big brothers, nursing alongside them like a champ. They snuggle together after every meal, in an adorable purr pile.

cat tabby kittens nursingCoral nursed alongside her big brothersDorsetRescueKittens

“Little Coral is 12 days old now and more than doubled her weight which is excellent and right on track,” Cherise told Love Meow.

“Her eyes are now open, and she really gets around wherever she wants to go.”

sweet tiny tabby kittenCoral’s eyes are wide openDorsetRescueKittens

Joey and Boomer adore their little sister from another mister, taking her under their wings and showing her the ropes.

“Coral is thriving with her surrogate mama and brothers, and she fits in perfectly being a brown tabby herself.”

trio tabby kittensCoral, Joey and BoomerDorsetRescueKittens

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