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Cat Found with Kittens that Don’t Belong to Him, Months Later He Finally Has What He’s Been Waiting for

A cat was found with kittens that didn’t belong to him. Months later, he finally has what he’s been waiting for.

sweet cat sleeping@communitycatclub

Four months ago, a stray cat and a litter of kittens were found in a building. They had somehow made their way into the property, but no one came forward to claim them.

The finders reached out to their local animal rescue, Community Cat Club, in hopes of getting what they thought to be the “mother cat and her kittens” the help they needed.

Once they were safely transported to the rescue, volunteers were stunned by what they discovered.

stray cat kittensHe was found with a litter of kittens in a building@communitycatclub

The cat “mother” turned out to be a tomcat that had somehow gained custody of the kittens. No one from the building had seen another cat around, and he was the sole adult cat found with the kittens.

“He clearly did not agree to babysit these little ones, but he was around so they got put with him,” the rescue shared with Love Meow.

stray cat kittensHe didn’t agree to babysit the kittens but still let them snuggle with him@communitycatclub

The tom, lovingly named Mr Mom, was somehow in the right place at the right time, and was lumped together with the younglings.

He didn’t complain and even allowed the kittens to snuggle with him. He didn’t tend to them like a mother would but was a complete gentleman letting the little ones share his space, eat his food and nap next to him.

stray kittens huddled@communitycatclub

Once the kittens were moved to a foster home, Mr Mom started to truly relax and warm up to people. “He was happy to not have to babysit anymore.”

No one knows how long he had braved the streets, but he came with some battle scars and a gentle and sweet disposition as if he was ready to be someone’s cat.

stray cat sweetHe came with some battle scars and needed a full dental@communitycatclub

Mr Mom was then neutered, vetted and ready to find a place of his own. He ended up needing a full mouth extraction as he’d been living with bad teeth for a long time.

Despite having no teeth after surgery, he felt like a new cat without discomfort.

sweet stray cat@communitycatclub

One month after arrival, Mr Mom found himself still waiting for that special someone to come scoop him up.

One by one, other cats and kittens left for their forever homes while he patiently hoped that someday it would be his turn.

sweet cat treat@communitycatclub

Another month passed, and a family showed up and offered to foster the sweet boy. They welcomed him into their home, and it didn’t take long for them to fall head over heels for Mr Mom.

“He has healed (from the dental procedure) and has clearly made himself right at home,” the rescue shared. While in foster care, he bloomed into a laid-back, happy cat, and his personality really shone.

sleeping happy catHe really blossomed in his foster home@communitycatclub

His fur turned soft and gleaming, and he filled out nicely. Those weary eyes became content and blissful. He no longer slept in a kennel but a big bed shared with his humans and a resident cat.

He likes to curl into a “shrimp” when he naps, dreaming about treats and play, without a care in the world.

cat curled up sleeping@communitycatclub

Two days ago, the family officially adopted Mr Mom and made him a permanent part of their household.

“The day we’ve all waited for. He gets to live with another Community Cat Club alum. We’re so happy for this boy.”

sleeping catsHe’s been adopted by his foster family. He has a feline sister to nap with every day@communitycatclub

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