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Cat Found Behind a Grocery Store Asking Around for Attention, Turns Out She Has Many Kittens to Feed

A cat was found behind a grocery store asking around for attention. As it turned out, she had many kittens to feed.

cat tabby mom nursing kittensDebbie and her kittensAimee

A cat was found abandoned with a litter of kittens behind a grocery store. She was friendly and walked up to people for attention. A Good Samaritan rescued them, cared for them, and tried to find them homes.

“When I first got her, she was immediately a sweetheart. She had worms and fleas, and her fur was so thin you could see through it. But she was never mean or aggressive with me. She knew I was trying to help,” the rescuer shared.

“She knew she was safe the second I got her home. She curled up in my lap, purring and drooling all over my arm.”

sweet rescued catBe Their Voice Animal Rescue

While the kittens found good homes, the rescuer noticed the mom’s belly grew rounder each day. Unbeknownst to her, the cat had become pregnant with a second litter while nursing her young.

“Once the finder realized she had babies on board, she posted in a Facebook group looking for a rescue (that could provide the necessary resources) to take her in,” Aimee of Be Their Voice Animal Rescue shared with Love Meow.

snuggly tabby cat lapDebbie cuddled with her rescuerBe Their Voice Animal Rescue

She drove four hours to bring the cat, Debbie, to the rescue, where they discovered Debbie was already weeks into her pregnancy.

Soon after arriving at her foster home, Aimee noticed her sweet, affectionate demeanor, penchant for hugs, and loud purr motor.

sweet tabby cat hugsShe has a penchant for hugsAimee

“She was a little reserved while at the vet’s office, but when she arrived here with me, she immediately set up shop on the bed like she had always been here.”

“She loves to grab your hand and direct it where she wants to be petted. Usually, her neck and ears. She purrs like it’s her job.”

cat bear hugs peopleShe is very cuddly and has a strong purr engineAimee

Debbie started showing signs that she was ready to deliver, but it took days until she finally got down to business. She had three kittens within an hour before midnight.

“We were told she had 3 or 4 babies, so once I didn’t see any more signs of active labor, I went to bed at about 1 AM.”

snuggly tabby catAimee

Aimee got up two hours later to check on the mama cat. “Not long after I got in there, she started pushing for baby number four.” Mama Debbie seemed so relieved to have a safe place for her kittens and a foster carer to cater to their needs.

Debbie likely has had multiple litters, but this will be her last one. Once the kittens are weaned, she can retire and focus on her own needs and wants.

cat tabby nursing kittensDebbie had four kittens in her foster homeAimee

“We decided to go with a Little Debbie and her snack cakes theme. So we have Honeybun, Shortcake, Twinkie, and Moonpie.”

Debbie was extremely loving and protective from the start. She watched closely as Aimee weighed the babies, and she relocated them a few times until she was pleased with the accommodations.

tabby newborn kittens sleepingAimee

She wanted space to protect her kittens, so Aimee obliged. Whenever the kittens made a squeak, Mama Debbie ran to them to ensure they were okay.

“I don’t make the rules – she does. I’m just the support staff,” Aimee added.

cat mom nursing kittensAimee

At one week old, the kittens have gotten bigger and stronger, wriggling around with their newfound strength. Debbie has grown comfortable with her foster mom handling the babies, realizing she’s there to help.

tabby sleepy kittenAimee

After living in the outdoors and keeping her kittens safe, Debbie can finally relax. She purrs contentedly and nestles with her babies in their warm and safe haven.

snuggly cat lovingAimee

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