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Cat Brought Her Newborn Kittens to Backyard to Hide, the Resident Spotted Them and Helped Change Their Lives

A cat brought her newborn kittens to a backyard to hide. The resident spotted them and helped change their lives.

cat mom nursing kittensTurkey the catKali

Early this month, a stray cat came to a resident’s backyard in search of a safer and more hidden den for her newborn kittens.

She found a makeshift shelter under a foam board propped against a fence. One by one, she carried her precious five to their new hideout. The cat mom had stumbled upon the perfect location for help.

The resident had been working closely with a local animal rescuer, Kali, to care for community cats. The moment they spotted the feline family, they sprang into action.

stray cat backyardShe brought her five kittens to someone’s backyardKali

“She showed how smart she is and moved all the newborn babies into my friend’s backyard,” Kali shared with Love Meow.

Without trouble, they were able to secure the kittens in a carrier, but the cat mom showed no interest in going into a humane trap for food. They immediately devised a clever alternative approach.

stray cat nursing kittensKali

“We set up her babies in a carrier on one end of the trap with one of her kittens in the actual trap. She went in for her baby within minutes.”

Kali prepared a quiet and comfortable nursery for the family of six and plenty of nourishment for the cat mom named Turkey.

stray cat rescueThey rescued the feline family and brought them indoorsKali

Turkey was initially apprehensive about touch but never flinched. “She was really scared the first day, but quickly after that, she calmed down and realized she was safe with me.”

Once she felt the strokes on her cheeks, she relaxed and even let out a purr, the wariness in her eyes melting away.

sweet stray catShe started to trust when she realized she was safeKali

“After about three days, I was able to pet her, and she even gave signs of enjoying the petting. Now, she meows at me for her wet food in the morning.”

As Turkey acclimated beautifully to indoor life, her shyness gave way to a newfound confidence. She began to chirp and chat more around her people.

cat nursing kittensTurkey and her five kittensKali

Her kittens, with their eyes opened, ears perked up and legs strengthened, were drawn to the world outside their nest.

“These babies went from starting to wander away from mama to being full-on explorers fast.”

ginger cat mom kittenKali

At three weeks old, the litter of five is getting very active and curious, keeping their mom on her toes.

“She is constantly feeding and cleaning them since five are a lot of work. She’s very protective and watches me like a hawk when I take one kitten to check on them.”

sweet cat kitten walkingTurkey is a very attentive and loving momKali

“If they start crying, she’ll meow at me to give them back,” Kali told Love Meow.

The demanding five (Green Bean Casserole, Cranberry, Butterball, Yam, and Stuffin’) are thriving in the warmth and comfort of their foster home with the nurturing love of their mom.

ginger fluffy kittensKali

Their little front teeth are germinating, and their penchant for mischief is emerging.

Mama Turkey enjoys taking short breaks by the window while keeping a watchful eye over her little ones from afar. She’s grateful to have people she can depend on to assist her in raising her last litter.

cat kittens gingerTheir personalities are emergingKali

Turkey and her kittens will never have to wander outside or scrounge for food to survive. The future of this adorable Thanksgiving family is filled with joy and endless love.

sweet cat gingerKali

Share this story with your friends. More on the cat family and Kali’s rescues and fosters on Instagram @turtleandfosterfriends.

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