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Cat and Her Solo Kitten Open Their Hearts to a Lost Kitty and Form Perfectly Blended Family

A cat and her solo kitten opened their hearts to a lost kitty, and they formed a perfectly blended family.

cat kittens cutePeach, Clem, and PersiAngela

A tiny lost kitten was found outside without a mother and siblings. Her cries led a Good Samaritan to find her, and eventually, she was brought to the Orphan Kitten Project.

Finally safe and surrounded by people, the kitten named Peach was purring nonstop, bursting with joy. A volunteer took her into their home and began bottle-feeding her around the clock.

When she was five weeks old, she wanted a constant playmate to share her adventures with, and they knew just the family to introduce her to.

cute fluffy white kittenPeachAngela

In a separate foster home, a rescued cat named Clementine hovered over her kitten, Persi, as he shuffled around the nest with his rotund belly.

Because he was the sole survivor of his litter, Mama Clem dedicated all her energy and attention to ensuring he was well cared for.

cat grooming kitten lovingPersi and Mama ClemAngela

She responded to his first squeak and chirped throughout the day, always making her presence known.

At two weeks old, Persi was near the one-pound mark, surpassing the average weight for his age. With a helicopter mom tending to his every whim, Persi had the most immaculately clean fur coat and was growing by leaps and bounds.

kitten cat chunkyPersi showing off his rotund bellyAngela

“The way that Mama Clem wraps her paws gently around Persi so that she can clean him is the cutest thing,” Angela, the foster mom, shared.

Persi went from being unsteady to unstoppable. He started sampling his mom’s food at four weeks old. Once he figured out how to use his legs, he explored outside the playpen while Clem watched over him every step of the way.

cat kitten snugglesAngela

When Peach showed up with her cries for attention, Mama Clem rushed to her side in a heartbeat. “She immediately accepted Peach as her own and allowed her to nurse.”

Peach melted into Mama Clem when she cradled her in her arms and washed her face tenderly.

cat adopted kitten snugglesMama Clem accepted Peach right away and started caring for herAngela

When Peach drank from a bottle, Mama Clem stayed by her side and gently licked the back of her head like giving her a pat on the back.

Persi was over the moon to have a friend his size. The two immediately hit it off as if they had always been littermates.

kittens nursing side by sidePersi and Peach became instant friendsAngela

The kittens nestled side by side against their mom’s belly and nursed away in bliss. “She is so happy to have a mom and a sibling.”

Despite being one week younger, Persi is the bigger of the two.

kittens cute playfulPersi is a week younger but bigger in weightAngela

He watches Peach play with toys and tries to emulate her. He follows her everywhere, practices his wrestling prowess, and doesn’t want to miss out on any action.

In just two weeks, the kittens have learned to use the litter box together and eat from a dish independently.

kittens snuggle best friendsThey do everything together and share an adorable bondAngela

“They are the cutest duo. Whether it’s napping, playing, or eating, they do everything together. These two have quickly become best friends.”

kittens best friendsPersi and PeachAngela

Mama Clem is so proud of her two precious babies and continues to chirp throughout the day and shower the kittens with unconditional love and mandatory baths.

cat mom kittens snugglyAngela

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