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After Years Cat is Finally Indoors and So Overjoyed When Kind People Find His Bonded Feline Friend

After years of living outside, a cat was finally indoors and so overjoyed when rescuers found his bonded feline friend.

best friends cats cuddlingFestus and ChesterSparkleCat Rescue

While Julie, an animal rescuer, helped and cared for community cats in a neighborhood, she noticed two strays constantly together like a bonded pair.

Chester (the Siamese mix) and Festus (the ginger) had lived outside for years. They looked out for each other on the streets and showed up at someone’s property together.

With the support of Sparkle Cat Rescue, Julie set out humane traps, hoping to get them both to safety.

stray cats best friendsThey showed up together outside someone’s homeSparkleCat Rescue

Chester was quickly rescued and taken to the vet to be treated for a host of issues, including an upper respiratory infection.

“He also had what appeared to be pillow foot (affecting his paw pads) and a lot of problems with his teeth and mouth,” Sparkle Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

stray catsSparkleCat Rescue

While they tended to him at the vet, volunteers continued to search for his best friend.

Festus returned to the property one day, looking for Chester. He was friendly and social, rubbing against his carer, but he vehemently refused to get into a carrier. They opted for a different plan–to set up a feeding station with a humane trap.

stray cat rescuedChester was rescued and received much-needed medical attentionSparkleCat Rescue

After a night at the clinic, Chester came to his foster home and slowly warmed up to volunteers with the help of treats. He eventually curled up in a cubby bed for some much-needed rest.

“The Siamese boy probably missed his buddy, and the ginger was looking for him. We’d love to reunite them.”

stray cat foster homeHe curled up in his cubby bed, wondering where Festus wasSparkleCat Rescue

Chester perked up with a spring in his step as his paw pads healed and his eyes looked better. With newfound strength and confidence, he approached his people for attention.

“He is so gentle and doesn’t mind when I syringe the different oral meds he’s taking.”

sweet siamese catChester came out of his shell when he felt betterSparkleCat Rescue

“He has sat in the window daily, and I think he was wondering where his buddy was.”

After several days of diligent work, rescuers could breathe a collective sigh of relief when Festus finally walked into the trap and was off to the vet.

ginger cat cuddlyThey finally got FestusSparkleCat Rescue

Volunteers set up a spacious room with all the amenities for the pair. Festus was a bit shaken and nervous after all the changes. The moment he arrived, Chester came running to him and rubbed up against him as their love rekindled.

“Chester was so incredibly happy. Since they were reunited, he has been staying close by Festus’ side. Every day, he shows how proud and happy he is.”

best friends catsThey were immediately snuggly, clinging to each other when they were reunitedSparkleCat Rescue

Festus has come around with the encouragement of his best friend. They have found their favorite perch by the window, nestling against each other like yin and yang, overflowing the top of a cat tree.

They rest their heads on one another while filling the room with sweet, rumbling purrs.

snuggly cats sleepingThey enjoy nestling together on top of the cat tree by the windowSparkleCat Rescue

With their tails intertwined, arms wrapped around each other, and purr motors running nonstop, their room is brimming with joy.

“Both have lived outside for at least 3-4 years. They are a bonded pair, super sweet and deserving of a lifetime of love. We are so glad they are back together.”

best friends snugglyChester has not left Festus’ side since they were back togetherSparkleCat Rescue

Chester and Festus will never have to spend another day outside, scrounging for food and shelter. “We will work hard to make sure their future together is bright.”

snuggly cats best friendsSparkleCat Rescue

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