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6 Kittens Dropped off in a Backyard by a Stray Cat so They Can Have a Better Life

Six kittens were dropped off in a backyard by a stray cat so they could have a better life.

cute cuddly orange kittens@turtleandfosterfriends

Kali, an animal rescuer and foster carer in NV, was contacted about a litter of kittens found outside her friend’s house.

A community cat brought four kittens to the backyard, and the following day, she showed up again with two more in tow. The cat kept her distance from people but dropped off her kittens at the property as if to try to get them help.

The litter of six were around five weeks old, panting heavily from the unrelenting heat outside.

kittens backyardThe kittens were brought to the backyard, panting from the heat@turtleandfosterfriends

“I told my friend it was best to bring them inside (the temperatures were over 110). They were filthy but overall appeared healthy,” Kali shared with Love Meow.

While caring for the kittens, Kali and her friend are working on helping the community cats, including the mom, getting them spayed and neutered.

cuddly bunch kittens@turtleandfosterfriends

The six kittens arrived in Kali’s care two weeks later to continue their foster journey.

They immediately felt at home and claimed the new place as their own. They started cavorting around, wrestling with each other until they tired out from all the roughhousing.

sleeping snuggly kittensThey curled up in a purr pile and fell asleep on top of each other@turtleandfosterfriends

When all six of them curled up in their giant fluffy bed, forming a cuddle-puddle, they rumbled out a symphony of purrs. The feline siblings washed each other’s faces before nodding off to sleep.

No local shelter or rescue group was able to assist Kali with the kittens as they were working at overcapacity due to kitten season.

kittens looking breakfastThe kitten crew of six@turtleandfosterfriends

With the support of the online community, Kali is able to get the kittens fully vetted and spayed/neutered when they reach an appropriate age.

Four of the kittens are orange tabbies (boys), one is a Siamese-mix (girl), and one is a tortie (girl). “It was like Mama ran out of printer ink, and each orange cat gets lighter until we hit white.”

kittens bathing snuggling@turtleandfosterfriends

The kittens have been named after fast food items: Cola, Milkshake, Vanilla, Chicken Nugget, Cheeseburger and Small Fry.

Among them, Small Fry (cream) possesses the loudest and the most crunchy meow. He’ll roar at the top of his lungs, drowning out all the other sounds in the room, so he can be catered to first and foremost.

kitten talkative cuteSmall Fry has the loudest voice@turtleandfosterfriends

“He talks more than any kitten I’ve fostered, I think, to be heard over the other five,” Kali told Love Meow.

Cola, the tortie, is a combination of sass, smart and bravery. “She has an opinion about everything and tries to break out of every enclosure she’s been in.”

cuddly kittensMilkshake and Cola@turtleandfosterfriends

When Kali comes into the room in the morning and lets the kittens out of their playpen, all six of them will go bonkers, zooming around in different directions with their unbridled energy.

Needless to say, there has never been a dull moment with these rambunctious troublemakers.

kittens ginger kneadingThey like to “make biscuits” together on their fluffy cat bed@turtleandfosterfriends

“It’s so much fun watching everyone chase each other around for hours and just be overall wild little kittens. Then after they’ve tired themselves out, to look down at a giant pile of sleeping kittens is the best.”

The little ones will never have to spend another day outside, braving the elements. They are growing by leaps and bounds, thriving in their foster home.

sleeping snoozing kittens ginger@turtleandfosterfriends

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